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Tips for Getting Snow Off the Roof (Safely)

Kansas City is notorious for its unpredictable winter weather. Snow and ice are so common that most people take for granted the strength and resilience of our homes to protect us from the cold. However, even the most substantial roofing structures may need storm damage restoration in Overland Park when there is too much snow accumulation. 

That’s why having a plan for snow removal is so important. Removing snow can be a dangerous task, though! Each year, more and more injuries (and some deaths) occur from unsafe practices for snow removal. If you’re uncomfortable taking care of this home maintenance task yourself, Shamrock Roofing and Construction is happy to help you out. After all, some jobs are best left to the pros!

Here are a few tips for safely and effectively removing snow from your roof this winter. 

Be Consistent

One of the most obvious ways to avoid the dangers of snow removal is to limit how much you remove at one time. Regularly removing snow throughout the season limits the effort required to complete the task. It also limits the amount of time you’re exposed to cold conditions. 

Remove snow from your roof as soon as possible after a big snowfall. Snow can be heavy. Letting it accumulate could lead to a roof collapse. Then you’ll need a Kansas roof replacement instead!

Get the Right Tools

As with any project, having the right tools makes a world of difference. To avoid damaging your roof during the snow removal, Shamrock Roofing advises against the use of metal shovels and chisels for snow removal. These tools can cut, dent, and ding your shingles and roofing substructure. Instead, opt for tools like a telescoping roof rake. This handy contraption is specially designed for snow removal and will limit your need to climb a ladder to remove the snow. 

If you absolutely MUST get on the roof, first invest in proper safety equipment. Shoes with good traction, a safety harness, and easily maneuverable snow removal tools are all available at your local hardware store. Purchase them ahead of time, so when the snow falls, you’ll be prepared. 

Time It Well

Before you bundle up and head to the roof, take a look at the weather forecast for the day. Don’t get on the roof on days that are abnormally cold or when high winds or low wind chill is predicted. On these days, snow turns to ice quickly, increasing your chances of a fall. In addition, visibility may be impacted on windy days as snow blows around. Cold winds are also more conducive to frostbite!  

Work in Pairs

Last but not least, it’s essential to have a spotter anytime you are completing work on the roof. A second set of hands can help you with things like stabilizing a ladder, serving as an anchor for your harness, and calling for help in the case of an accident. 

Nervous About Snow Removal? Call Shamrock Roofing!

If you’re leery about snow removal this winter, worry no more! Shamrock Roofing and Construction is happy to help you safely complete this winter task. We can also provide a free roof inspection and assess your need for storm damage restoration in Overland Park once the winter storms have passed. No matter your roofing needs, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!