Tips For Roofing Safely

Roofing can be be a dangerous job whether you are a licensed contractor or someone who is less experienced and choosing to work on his own roof. There are risks of slipping and falling off the roof, risks of breathing in chemicals, and risks of coming into contact with dangerous things like power and gas lines. To prevent injury, you should follow certain protocols and use Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) at all times while completing a roofing job. Below we will delve into some different ideas on how to stay safe while roofing.

While on the job, it is important to make sure that your work area and the working area of your
co-workers are clear of tripping hazards at all times. In order to prevent injury from falls, you should be equipped with a safety harness just in case. A safety harness plus a safety net will prevent you from hitting the ground should you lose your footing at any time while on the roof. Other important PPE to wear include:
Protection for the Eyes such as safety goggles
A lengthy rope(one for you and one for your co-workers should they need one)
Ladder anchor

Some tips for working on the roof include not to do so in wet weather. If the roof is slick while you are working, you will have a much harder time keeping your grip on the ground below you. If you must continue work on the roof, consider investing in a pair boots with a good amount of traction. However, keep in mind that you not only risk danger to yourself, you also risk damage to your roofing materials when working in hot or cold weather. It is unlikely that shingles will be placed properly because they won’t be able to seal to the roof if the weather prevents them from doing so. It is better to just take a break and wait until the rain subsides to continue the job.

Some other things to remain safe while roofing include using your safety goggles during any work with nail guns or hammers, keeping a bottle of water on you at all times in case of heat exhaustion or dehydration. and use caution around ladders and electrical lines. Keep trash in the garbage so it is not causing clutter around you as you work. Use all tools as directed and do not leave them in anybody’s work area including your own. Follow all installation practices and manuals to the tee. Do not deviate from the handbooks as you risk injury to yourself and others if you do something wrong.

Try to exhibit safety with all ladders you come into contact with. When bringing materials up or down a ladder, try to use a hoist system. This keeps your arms free for hanging onto the sides for safety as you are climbing. Above all things, you should use your common sense when completing a roofing job. If something looks unsafe, stay clear of it as much as possible. Don’t risk your life or the life of a co-worker by exhibiting poor personal decisions and not practicing proper safety in the space that is your workplace.