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Tired of the Ups and Downs? Put a Flat Roof On Your Home!

Flat roof designs are gaining market share as a viable roofing possibility for residential properties across southwest Arkansas. Historically, flat roofs were best suited to commercial spaces, but recent advances in technology and changes in consumer tastes have made flat roofs an attractive, functional, unique option for area homeowners. 

So, what exactly are your choices when it comes to flat roofing in Arkansas? Read on to learn more about the most current styles trending around your neighborhood:

BUR Roofing

Built-up roofing (BUR) membranes are one of the most common flat roofing systems in the industry. Made of alternating layers of waterproof membranes and asphalt and then finished with a gritty surface (like sand or gravel), it’s an excellent option for homeowners looking for ultimate strength and durability. From a functional perspective, the stone that crowns this roof serves as ballast, reflects UV rays, and bolsters fire resistance. Plus, you can easily customize the number of layers to fit your budget — a big perk for the cost-conscious homeowner.

Suitable for low-slope homes commonly found in residential neighborhoods, BUR roofs carry weight – both literally and figuratively – often accompanied by a distinct aroma during installation. However, their affordability still makes them an attractive choice.

Modified Bitumen

Your roofing company in Arkansas might also suggest modified bitumen as an alternative to BUR. This single-ply roof style is more straightforward than BUR in terms of safety and ease of installation. Application methods vary, ranging from heat adhesion to newer peel-and-stick techniques that make it easier than ever to get your new roof project underway. Other advantages you may love about modified bitumen include its lightweight UV-reflective nature and puncture resistance. 

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (or EPDM for short) is a top choice for many homeowners because it is simple and eco-friendly. Made from recyclable rubber, it boasts reflective properties and the ability to redistribute ozone gas in a healthy, responsible way. As a bonus, these benefits make their way to your pocket with increased longevity and an overall reduction in energy costs. You’ll find EPDM a solid contender when it comes to flat roofing in Arkansas. 

Other Flat Roof Choices

Arkansas homeowners are also embracing other types of flat roofs. So-called “green” roofs filled with vegetation provide additional insulation benefits and are good for the environment. Add a patio and some outdoor furniture, and you have a unique space perfect for entertaining friends and family.

You can also plant a garden on the roof. Another variation on the green roof, rooftop gardens are catching on throughout the country as homeowners embrace natural foods and move toward growing their own produce.

Improve Your Resale Value With a Flat Roof 

Flat roofing systems have proven to be a good choice for Arkansas homeowners. The mix of function and aesthetics may significantly add to your home’s overall resale value. There are plenty of flat-roof styles and options to choose from. 

If you’re ready to move forward with a flat roof installation, contact us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’re prepared to bring your flat-roof vision to life!