Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Can Complete

Roof maintenance can be a pain, but it’s not impossible!  Here are the top 5 maintenance tasks any homeowner can complete.  If these steps are taken, you are sure to have a healthy and happy roof!

Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Can Complete

  1. Loose Debris Removal

The removal of loose debris of any kind can benefit the health and longevity of your home’s roof.  Branches, dirt, and leaves can build up rather quickly during the winter.  With help from a responsible friend or your trusted premium Brookside roofing contractor, the completion of this winter or summer roof maintenance task can conclude with ease.

Safety First!  Remember to always perform roof maintenance during days where the weather is compliant, and the roof surface is dry.

  1. General Inspection & Repair

Remembering to regularly check your attic and other interior ceiling locations for stains, leaks, or other damage can ensure that these issues get resolved quickly and before more damage impacts your home.  If any significant problems appear in the future, call your trusted Brookside roofing company for further maintenance assistance.

  1. Moss & Mold Removal

After located areas suffering from moss or mold, an adhesive spray can be applied to these areas for removal.  Follow the directions carefully as not to damage or stain your roof further.  Use a soft-bristled broom or brush to remove the moss after the adhesive softens its grip.

The use of more heavy duty power washers or hard bristled brushes or brooms can potentially cause the shingles to become damaged, and then vulnerable to harmful UV rays.

  1. Gutters & Downspouts Cleaning

While wearing safe rubber work gloves, the removal of debris from your gutters can be relatively simple.  After the removal of all dirt, leaves, and branches is complete, a light brush scrub can enhance your gutter’s health and longevity.  Any leftover dirt or grime should be removed with a garden hose.

  1. Chimneys & Vents

For the houses that have them, cleaning chimneys and vents can be relatively simple.  Make sure to first close your fireplace vent before inspecting your chimney for damage, as to ensure dust and dirt do not filter into your home.

The application of chimney water repellant product can be important for longevity, and repairing the borders of interior and exterior vents can ensure no water enters your house unannounced.

Roof inspection and maintenance can range in its level of difficulty.  Finding a premium Brookside roofing contractor you trust is essential for safety, maintenance, and health of your roof.  Safety should always be the top priority when conducting roof maintenance, and each step to ensure a safe experience should be accounted for.  These steps should not only benefit you and your roof presently but also for years to come.