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Top 7 Roofing Materials for Lincoln Homes: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a homeowner finding it difficult to select the best roofing material in Lincoln for your house? An entrepreneur contemplating building a new commercial property, wanting to explore roofing options in Lincoln?

Amongst so many designs and varieties of roofing materials, the differences of cost and installation are vast. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the greatest and most reliable roofing materials on the market. We will discuss the varied life spans as well as their advantages and disadvantages to assist you in selecting the best solution for your commercial or residential property.

Asphalt Shingles

In the United States, asphalt shingles are the most widely utilized roofing material. Numerous houses use asphalt as their best roofing for Lincoln with their durability and curb appeal. Asphalt shingles are made of both inorganic and organic components, such as cellulose fibers. They can complement almost any style you’re going for and come in a wide variety of colors. Here are the Advantages:

1. Lightweight

2. Durable 

3. High Fire Rating

4. Energy-Conserving

5. Simple to Install

6. Excellent Warranties

Depending on the type of shingles you choose, asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. The two most common types are dimensional shingles, which last at least five years longer than 3-tab shingles. The reason asphalt roofs are the most popular is that they are also among the least expensive. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost per square foot will range from $2 to $5. They are simple to keep up, and should you ever need repairs, the expense of having them done won’t break the bank.

Asphalt Roll

The materials for an asphalt roll roof are the same as those for asphalt shingles, except they are produced in rolled sheets. As one of the roofing options Lincoln, asphalt roll is best suited for low-pitch roofs such as those on sheds, garages, and porches and is very do-it-yourself friendly. Using this kind of material to roof your typical high-pitch roof is not advised. Although it only lasts for five to ten years, it is a fantastic choice for do-it-yourself homeowners who want to secure their tiny backyard shed or lean-to with an easy-to-install roof. An asphalt roll roof can complete the work at a fraction of the price, at about $2 per square foot.


Built-Up Roofing, or BUR, is another type of material used for flat roofs as roofing options Lincoln. The layers of felt, fiberglass, hot tar, and other waterproof elements that make up a BUR roof alternate. It is relatively affordable to install and is only used on flat or very low-pitch roofs. For many commercial buildings with flat roofs that want a lovely waterproof roof solution, it’s a good choice. It is a somewhat odorous technique to install because of the hot tar, but it can be finished fast and simply.

BUR has a 20–30 year lifespan, but with the right care, it can live much longer. This kind of flat roof requires routine cleaning to make sure debris doesn’t accumulate on it and weaken its structural integrity, as well as routine

This kind of flat roof requires routine cleaning to make sure no debris builds up on it and jeopardizes its integrity, as well as routine inspections to make sure it’s in good condition. This kind of roofing material’s ability to withstand fire is one of its greatest advantages, which makes it perfect for locations like apartment complexes where people need to be kept safe. For many commercial properties, BURs are an easy investment because they typically cost about $4 per square foot.

Wood Shingles

Wood, such as pine or cedar, is used to make wood shingles. The wood is cut into wedges so the pieces can readily overlap and lay in even rows on the roof. Although they are among the most attractive kinds of roofing materials, they are also pricy, difficult to install, and require a lot of upkeep. They are most definitely not DIY-friendly, as you explore your roofing options Lincoln, and it is not advised to use them in regions where wildfires occur on a seasonal basis.

However, with proper upkeep and care, wood shingles can endure 25, 35, or even 50 years. Your wood shingles can be saved and made to last as long as you own your house by keeping them clear of moss and debris and by fixing damage as soon as it happens. They typically cost between $9 and $10 per square foot, therefore If you’re going to spend, make sure the material is right for your area because they typically cost between $9 and $10 per square foot. 

Wood shakes, another type of wood shingle, are composed of quality cedar that will age nicely, and they are thicker and more resilient. These shake shingles are often treated with Insect, pest, weather, and UV resistance treatments. At about $13/sq. ft.,  shake shingles are even more expensive than regular wood shingles, but the advantages of a longer lifespan and the step up in aesthetic beauty with less upkeep can make a big difference in your ROI.

Standing Seam Metal

As more homeowners become aware of their roofing options in Lincoln, they discover advantages of metal roofing. As metal roofing is so much more aesthetically pleasing with the variety of styles and colors, the popularity of metal roofs only seems to be rising. These large metal sheets or panels lie perpendicular to your roof’s edge and overlap with edges making up a standing-seam metal roof, giving the roof a stylish appearance. Metal roofs are a great option if you’re going for a complex roof, but they do require some knowledge when it comes to installation and finding a trusted roofing company in Lincoln is highly advised.

Depending on the type of metal used, standing-seam metal roofs can range significantly in price. For instance, the average cost of steel or aluminum panels is between $9 and $11 per square foot. The most expensive material is copper, which typically costs about $18 per square foot. Zinc costs between $12 and $14 per square foot. But since these roofs can endure for more than 50 years, you can save a ton of money over time because it’s likely that you won’t need to replace your metal roof very often.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles have become very popular as the best roofing Lincoln because of their more contemporary appearance. The efforts made to create metal roofing that has the tremendous advantages of metal roofing while still looking like traditional shingles are quite astonishing. Generally speaking, homeowners who install metal roofs will receive one of the highest returns on their investment—especially if they want to sell in the future. The advantage of having a metal roof on your house is that, probably for the duration of your ownership, you won’t need to deal with a roofing project again. At about $9 per square foot, metal shingles are less expensive up front than standing seam metal panels and match more types of dwellings than the latter. Definitely worth the money!

Clay Tiles

Traditionally, clay tiles are composed of terracotta and are primarily found in the warm, dry Southwest region of the United States. In addition, roofs using ceramic and concrete clay tiles have lifespans and durability comparable to terracotta. The overlapping pattern of clay tiles creates a stunning, distinctive design that is incredibly sturdy and enduring. Keep in mind, though, clay tiles are extremely heavy, and the structure of a house must be able to support the weight of the roof—especially on larger structures.

A roof made of clay tiles could endure for 50 years! Clay tiles are among the most expensive roofing materials, costing $10 to $20 or more per square foot, but they have significant benefits. Knowing that you may not need to replace the roof again during your lifetime is a great return on investment that will add significant value to your house when the time comes to sell.

These are only a handful of the roofing options Lincoln, available to homeowners and businesses. However, these top 7 roofing materials for Lincoln homes have consistently shown themselves to be strong, steady, and long-lasting, giving homeowners exceptional Lincoln roofing materials so they can be happy with and maximize their investment. If you’re looking for Lincoln roofing materials for your roof replacement or repair, get in touch with Shamrock Roofing and Construction for quality materials and trusted service. Call today for your free estimate.