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Top Roofing No-No’s

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Owning and maintaining a home is a fun process that often elicits a sense of pride and accomplishment for the homeowner. For many Americans, purchasing a home is the investment of a lifetime. Amid the excitement of settling in and learning to design and decorate to your unique taste and style comes the responsibility of caring for your new asset. This means learning to fix odds and ends, learning about the importance of annual maintenance, and addressing any issues before they turn into big, expensive repairs or replacements. 

While many homeowners enjoy the DIY outlet that homeownership provides, there are some aspects of your home that are best left to the attention of a professional. Your home’s roof is one element that falls into this category. Shamrock Roofing and Construction wants homeowners to be aware of these roofing no-no’s if they’re planning on handling a home repair project on their own.

Gutter Clutter

Your gutters play one of the most essential roles in your roofing system. Gutters help direct rainwater away from your home, preserving your foundation and protecting your rooftop from water accumulation and leaks. However, over time gutters stockpile natural elements like leaves, sticks, and other debris. This “gutter clutter” can obstruct the system, causing irreversible damage to your home. You can avoid this problem by scheduling routine gutter sweeps with a local roofing company. Roofers in Johnson County suggest scheduling gutter maintenance at least twice per year to keep gutters clean and prevent issues. 

DIY Overload

All homeowners are guilty of tackling a do-it-yourself project that’s simply out of scope for their skills and expertise. While there is nothing wrong with learning how to do something new, your roof is a valuable asset, and too much DIY may end up being detrimental. Even homeowners with the best of intentions sometimes do more harm than good. If your roof needs repair, cleaning, or replacement, leave this business to the pros. Call a Johnson Country roofing company and request a free roof inspection. A roof inspection is the best place to start. Once you have a report in hand that shows the current status of your roof, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done moving forward.

Procrastinating on Tree Maintenance

Taking care of your home’s roofing structure includes tending to the surrounding environment. Trimming back trees and shrubs is an inherent part of the roof maintenance process. As any Johnson County roofing company will certify, many customer calls for roof repair come after indirect damage from tree debris after a heavy storm. Failure to trim trees and remove dead branches is a major roofing no-no. Homeowners should routinely check and address their home’s surrounding greenery to prevent branches from falling on the house and leaves from clogging up gutters. 

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