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Trends In Roofing Technology

Justification for upgrading your roof

The average roof made of asphalt shingles or composite material will be around 20 years in service life. Shingles of fibre-cement will last for 25 years. Wooden canopy roofs can last for 30 years. Aluminum, slate, or tile roofs can have 50 years or more of useful life. Extreme weather conditions can, however, shorten any roof’s life. There are plenty of reasons to consider installing a new roof.

Hail storm damage

In fact, Texas is one of the most likely states to come from the USA.

A hail storm will cause more damage to your roof. The hail can damage asphalt shingles by 1 inch in diameter or greater. Two inches or more of hail can devastate other areas of the roof.

The damage also depends on the falling hail’s shape, toughness and speed. Hail can also dirty your ducts, chimneys, canals, and skylights for ventilation.

The damage depends on the material from the roof, too. Shingles made of asphalt get poorer over time. The older the shingle of your asphalt, the more likely it will be to suffer another hail storm.

How to know if hail damages your roof? Check for these signs: Loss of granules at the ceiling.

  • Small Mark of impact.
  • Teeth
  • Damage to the ridges over the roof.

Latest Trends in Roof Materials

Our style of dress isn’t the only thing that trends are affecting. Through numerous shows in exterior and interior design, “small house revolution,” DIY videos, etc., the television industry has concentrated on home improvement trends. This is how the pastel-colored interiors became big, after all, and the little houses became famous. Roofing structures have not been overlooked; the most important and sustainable patterns occur specifically in the roofing industry.

Cool Roofs

When investigating the reflective properties of particular materials and colours, the concept of a cool roof emerged. We all know the “rule of black and white t-shirts”; if it’s humid, wear white and avoid dark colours, right? Well, manufacturers applied exactly the same roofing systems legislation and it proved to be a completely new market for cold roofs. Due to light shade and reflective paint, white glue and a unique gravel mixture, cold roof systems reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat. The reflective surface will diminish the home’s energy consumption due to the reduced use of air conditioning.

Solar panels

Solar panels have been around for quite some time, in several ways. The green movement, however, has drawn extraordinary attention to the panels as an alternative to the roofs. We were often considered bulky and unattractive before sleek and fashionable models were produced by the manufacturers that stirred growing interest. Tesla, a leading electric and solar development company, has introduced solar tiles that mimic conventional tiles. They save energy, and lower bills for utilities.

Green or radiant roofs

A few decades ago, it would have been a serious test of your potential madness to say that you have a living roof. Nevertheless, technology has changed, patterns change and expectations change. Now his living roof favourably represents him as an ecological resident. Apart from their property, green or bright roofs are easy to distinguish, thanks to a plant layer. Such roofing systems have multiple layers, such as engineered flooring, protective cloth, waterproof membrane and, finally, green plant cover. Green roofs have a beneficial environmental impact by creating a natural habitat and by reducing acid rain. At the same time, due to its insulating properties, it saves you money and energy and provides maximum protection for your home.