Unique Roofing Needs: Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily units are gaining popularity in today’s competitive commercial real estate market. This is true in larger metropolitan areas like Kansas City, Tulsa, and Austin, and it’s also a growing area of interest in slightly smaller communities like Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Commercial property investors are often curious about the various aspects of their investment. This is especially true when a building full of tenants is involved. multifamily properties come with a unique set of roofing needs and conditions. Here’s what every roofing contractor in Arkansas wants you to know. 

What Is It Made Of?

As a landlord, it’s essential to understand the type of roof that’s on your apartment building. Many multifamily complexes favor modified bitumen roofs because of their durability. TPO roofing is another commercial favorited. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to install, making it a favorite with building owners and roofers alike. Your sale documents should have a description of the roof’s composition. If not, call a trusted roofer out to do an inspection. 

It’s not uncommon for multifamily complexes to include more than one building. If this is your case, keep in mind that everything you do to one roof — maintenance, repairs, replacement, etc. — will likely have to be done in one form or another for every building. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line. 

Repair Work Can Be Disruptive

There’s no doubt that roof repairs can be disruptive. The noise of the tools, the smell of the materials being applied, and the inconvenience of having workers underfoot can be a problem for some tenants. Any multifamily property owner or manager needing roof repair in Arkansas must deal with these annoyances. Even tenants in units not part of the repair project will feel the sting of change, and you may have to spend extra resources appeasing dissatisfied tenants. 

Hiring an experienced commercial roofer who knows how to work around this situation and complete the job quickly and with minimal disruption goes a long way toward keeping the peace with those who live in your properties.

Not All Units Have the Same Roofing Timeline 

Some multifamily units are built under one blueprint and contain the same lifespan estimations. However, some units are “add-ons” or an expansion of an existing portfolio. In this case, it can be tricky to schedule roof repair in Arkansas that meets the needs of the entire property. While this mix-and-match approach isn’t necessarily bad, it is something to consider when investing in this type of real estate. 

The best way to keep up with your multifamily property’s maintenance and repair needs is to set up an ongoing maintenance plan with a trusted commercial roofing contractor in Little Rock. They’ll come out once or twice a year to assess all the roofs and give you a detailed description of what they find, as well as the next steps for fixing any problems that arise.

Extra Staffing May Be Required

Having an experienced roofing contractor in Arkansas on speed dial is a must for emergencies and annual maintenance. However, many investors find that having a full-time maintenance crew on the payroll to deal with day-to-day issues (like inspecting drains, assessing the roof after storms, or ensuring that unauthorized personnel don’t access the roof) is advantageous. This may drive up expenses, but it’s worth it to keep your investment earning revenue for years to come.

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