We Do Designer Shingles – Know More About Them

While a good design improves your aesthetics, a great design adds value for money and meaning to your life. Our designer Shingles offer such inherent benefits that will definitely improve your homes and your style of living. 

For more than a couple of decades, we have specialized in designer, architectural or premium shingles which not only create a unique look for your house but also offers a plethora of advantages.

From natural slate to cedar shake, we construct the most premium designer shingles that impart a high-end, classy look to your houses. With Shamrock involved in creating the best designer shingles for your house, you will always be spoilt for choices. We offer an extensive range of colours and styles, varying from vibrant to muted. Our designer shingle are customized to your liking and could mimic any fashion trends, nature, your personal style or anything else you want. With our specialities of offering decorative shapes and cuts, we can convert your house into a Victorian-era building or a space resembling the remnants of Old World. We even create the likeness of terra cotta or slate on your designer shingle. 

While our designer shingles are often made from green, eco-friendly materials, you will get a lot of other upsides from getting your designer shingle done by Shamrock.

Our designer shingles often mimic materials like stone and clay, and there are times that we utilize such materials to create designer shingles. The result? Absolutely fireproof designer shingle for your home! From deflecting the harmful UV rays of the sun to improving the curb appeal of your house to reducing your maintenance costs, our designer shingle help you to land a bold statement with your landscape and building exteriors.

Not only will our designer shingle improve your home’s aesthetics, but they will also require less upkeep and keep excessive rainfall, hail, sleets, snowfall, etc. away. Contact our experts now to get your own designer shingle!