What are Quality Brands of Roof Materials?

Apart from their appealing nature, roofs play a fundamental role in protecting the occupants from harsh climatic conditions. Therefore, it is critical for you as a homeowner to choose high-quality materials that will save you from future repair costs and provide you with the quality services you need. Quality roof materials are measured based on durability, longevity, installation costs, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. The following are top-quality brands of roof materials.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles provide an elegant look while providing you with the exceptional strength, durability, and longevity you need. They are available in every color and can be used on almost any type of roof.

Metal roof shingles are considered among the best quality brands due to their protection against harsh climate. Most brands are designed to resist high-speed winds and have high impact resistance ratings. Thus, they are best suited for roofing if you live in areas prone to strong thunderstorms. Therefore, they are best suited for roofing if you live in areas prone to strong thunderstorms.

Additionally, they are a great deal when it comes to fire resistance due to their non-combustible properties. Metal shingles have excellent durability features since they rarely crack or rot, and many brands are built to be rust-resistant.

In terms of energy efficiency, metal shingles may reduce the cooling costs. During winter, a metal roof reduces snow and ice buildup by reflecting the sun’s heat.

Although warranties vary from one manufacturer to another, many companies offer a fifty-year general guarantee. Also, they have low maintenance and repair costs since cleaning is easy.

Wood Shingles and Shake

Wood shingles have been the roofing choice for many homeowners for hundreds of years due to their appealing natural look and the ability to withstand harsh weather. Many of these products are made from cedar, southern pine, and redwood. They are commonly used in bungalows, Cape Cod-style homes, and cottages, but they are versatile enough to work with various styles.

Unlike metal shingles, wood shingles and shakes are quite fragile and require constant maintenance. Thus, they need to be monitored regularly to prevent mold growth, water damage, and insects’ infestation. The longevity of wood shingles depends on the level of maintenance and the climatic conditions in your area.

Clay Tile

Clay concrete adds texture and elegance to a roof. This type of roofing is common with Italian, Spanish, and Mediterranean designs, but can also be used in modern homes.

Clay tile is famously known for its durability against extreme weather, high moisture, insect activity, and fire. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) rates clay tile with a life expectancy exceeding 100 years. Additionally, it has a strong natural thermal resistance, making it ideal for energy-efficient homes.

Unfortunately, these materials are heavy and may require professional installation and maintenance since they can easily break if minimum foot pressure is applied. Also, they are costly due to their durability and elegance properties.

Slate Tile

If you are looking to improve your home’s appearance, slate tile offers lots of beauty and a distinctive elegant appearance. Slates are made from silvers of real rock and stone and can be installed in a wide range of patterns with colors including shades of green, black, grey, red, and purple.

Just like clay tile, slate is highly durable to harsh weather, insect activity, and fire. Additionally, slate tile is one of the most durable roof materials in the market, having NAHB ratings of 150 years. However, they require professional installation and extra accommodation to support their weight. Also, it requires regular inspections every eight years to maintain the roof’s condition.

Synthetic Products

Synthetic products include rubber, plastic, asphalt, and plastic polymers. These products are designed to give you the color, look, and design of natural materials like wood and slate. Durability, warranty, and longevity depend on the material you choose. However, most of the materials are designed to be strong, easy to maintain, and are fire-resistant. Also, it is essential to check the energy efficiency before choosing a specific brand.

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