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What are the Quality Brands of Roof Materials?

An average homeowner wants nothing more than a strong and beautiful roof that lasts forever and doesn’t require much maintenance. With an umpteen number of materials available for your roof, it is hard to balance the cost-effectiveness with the aesthetics of your building. So here goes a list of quality brands that offer good value along with dependable durability:

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Malarkey roofing products:

Based in Portland, Markley is one of the leading brands of commercial and residential roofing products operating since 1956. They are known for offering products that offer cost-effectiveness through long term solutions.

GCP Applied Technology:

These products are thoroughly engineered by engineers and architects across the USA. If you are looking to enhance the strength and durability of your roof, this could be your go-to solution.

Owens Corning:

Known for the innovation of glass fiber technology, Owens Corning is a leading brand of high-quality products for your roofing solution.


This company gives conventional roll roofing along with a premium class underlayer for your roof. You can also choose from cap sheets, synthetic roof underlayment, organic door and window tape for your house.

Atlas Roofing Corporation:

This is a customer-oriented manufacturer of roofing materials that have been leading the market with the distribution of products all across the world.

If you are thinking of a renovation or replacement of your roof, it is advised to consult a professional roofing solution such as Shamrock roofers for comprehensive guidance through the process. The engineers will inspect your property and offer a customized solution to deal with the issue efficiently. With their help, you can ensure durability as well as saving of your time and money with your roofing project.