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What Are Roof Vents, & Why Are They Important?

The relationship between your roof and your attic is incredibly essential.  Many homeowners don’t understand the relationship, but it is necessary when attempting to avoid emergency roof repair in Overland Park.  Some homeowners have learned from the your roofing companies in Johnson County that their roofs don’t have proper ventilation and assume that they are just being manipulated into spending more money, but that is not true. In fact, the term “roof vent” in itself is one of those roofing terms that every homeowner should know, but doesn’t.  Roof vents are not a reason for residential roofing in Overland Park to make more money but are critical to extending the life of your roof and create a safer home for your entire family.  So, what are roof vents, and why are they important?  Let’s let your premier roofing company in Overland Park explain! 

If you are an owner of an older home in Overland Park, you might be surprised to learn that older homes have little, to no roof ventilation and have held up just fine.  Older homes tend to have inferior weather stripping, window insulation, and mediocre airtight seals, which help make up for the lack of proper attic ventilation.  Commercial roofing in Overland Park sees this as well with older buildings in the area.  Whether you’re in an older home that is barely passing by, or a brand new home, upgrading your roof ventilation system is essential, critical, and necessary.  It will dramatically cut down your utility costs, and create a healthier environment overall.  Condensation may begin to form in your windows if you have poor ventilation, and moisture can begin to damage your roof as well.  This can result in ice dams forming, wood rot being inflicted on your roof’s frame, or even water damage and leaks.  To fight back against these damages, roof vents are a great solution to help improve your roof’s ventilation system. 

Roof vents are simple air intake and exhaust vents that are used on steep-slope roofs to provide a better way to allow outside air to enter and exit the attic of residential and commercial properties.  Proper roof ventilation extends the life of your roof, reduces energy costs to your home, and reduced indoor temperature extremes.  This is only a short list, but there are far more benefits waiting for you on the other side.  Call Shamrock Roofing, home to the best roofing contractors in Overland Park, today to discuss your roof’s ventilation system!