What Causes Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks are no fun.

Any homeowner who’s had a leak in their roof knows that it’s no fun trying to figure out where the leak is coming from. It can be challenging to spot the source because often, roof leaks start where you can’t see them. It’s not until water starts coming through a light fixture in the kitchen or runs down the living room wall that you figure out you have a problem.

Roof leaks can be expensive. Not only do you have to get the leak itself repaired, but there’s often water damage in the attic and the home’s interior, too. The typical homeowner doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, or tools to make all these repairs on their own. And that’s probably okay. The longevity and soundness of the roof will depend on the quality of the repair work. This is when it’s time to call in a residential roofer who specializes in roof leak repair in Kansas City.

Avoiding Leaks in the First Place

It’s not always possible to prevent roof leaks entirely, but there are a few known culprits to watch out for. Regular roof maintenance by a professional roofer in Kansas City will help you spot trouble before it gets started. Investing in a roof inspection twice a year helps ensure that you stay on top of any issues that might arise from thunderstorms, hail, or high winds. Tackling problems at the first sign helps prevent damage to your home as well as a costly repair bill.

Here’s What to Look For

Here are the top suspects when it comes to roof leaks.

Damaged flashing. Flashing is a metal strip that protects valleys on the roof, as well as any other spot where the roof meets a vertical surface, such as a wall or dormer. If the flashing gets torn off or damaged in high winds, it may leave these vulnerable spots exposed to the elements. And that’s not good. Water can infiltrate the cracks and seams and may leak into the roof. A roof inspection should always include a close look at the flashing to ensure it’s all secure.

Loose or cracked shingles. Roofing shingles last a long time – sometimes 20 or 30 years – but they don’t last forever. Over time, shingles will start to crack or pull loose, which weakens the outer surface of the roof. Constant exposure to wind, rain, and harsh sunlight also takes a toll on roofing materials. A qualified residential roofer can tell you what kind of condition your shingles are in. If any are damaged or loose, have them replaced immediately so that water can’t sneak in underneath and wreak havoc down below.

Cracked rubber boots. Anything that sticks up on your roof – such as a plumbing vent – requires a rubber boot around the base where it meets the roof. This seals up the space where the vent meets the roof and keeps the rain out of that seam. Just as with shingles, rubber wears out over time, especially in hot climates. During your roof inspection, make sure your residential roofer checks all the rubber boots along with the shingles.

Need Help with Roof Leak Repair in Kansas City?

If you’re looking for a roofer in Kansas City who specializes in roof leak repair, call Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We offer free roof inspections for customers throughout the Kansas City metro area. We’ll come out and inspect your roof for any signs of damage that should be taken care of now – before it gets out of hand. Contact us today to get on the schedule for a free roof inspection!