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What roof is the best for a cold climate?

While it is true that is good fortune to have a roof over your head, it is also true that all roofs are not the same. Each one is designed differently and can be more suitable depending on whether you reside in a hot or cold climate. For a cold climate, there are a few different options to choose from. The first on the list are shingles. They come in composite and asphalt. They are mainly used for waterproofing. We will go into more about them below.

Shingles are the one of the best options for people who live in a cold climate because they are reasonably cheap and they come in different types. There are asphalt shingles which can withstand just about any type of weather. They allow for heavy snowfall because any snow that attempts to accumulate on top of them just slides right off. Along with being cheap, they are also accessible and can be found at any local Home Depot or Lowe’s store near you. There are also cedarwood shingles which are more expensive but are of higher quality and will do more in helping reduce energy consumption around your home by providing a high layer of insulation and protection from the cold air outside. They are also fairly inexpensive to install leaving your wallet with some leftover cash. They can last up to twenty years if maintained properly. Both types of shingles should not be installed in the middle of winter. Not only do you risk injury, your shingles are more apt to break right in half and just be useless.

A Standard Metal Roof
The next option you can consider is a standard metal roof. A metal roof costs more in terms of installation, but have been known to last for around an estimated 50 years. This can make them ideal for homeowners who don’t plan on moving anytime soon and just want a roof on their house that will withstand and repel cold, snow, and ice. A metal roof is extremely durable when it comes to winter weather. They can also be installed anytime, even in the coldest of weather though with any roof, it is recommended that you install it before cold weather makes its appearance.

The Slate Tile Roof
For cold weather, there is also slate tile roofing. This type of roof can last around a hundred years versus the metal roof’s lifespan of only 50 and the shingle’s lifespan of only 20. Its quality and durability is unmatched when it comes to winter weather because it is made entirely of stone! Slate tile roofs are also resistant to flames and environmentally friendly. However, for these facts alone, the price of slate tile differs significantly from shingles or metal. A full installation can cost around upwards around $20,000 dollars and that is even being conservative. For cold climates, you are better off just spending your money on shingles or a metal roof. Each will perform the same job and are your best bet for the winter. They will insulate your home and ultimately, keep the snow off your head and out of your living room in December.