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What Roof Materials Are Most Durable And Long Lasting?

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Given the importance of a residential or commercial structure’s roof, most materials employed to construct said coverings are strong and long lasting. However, roofing and construction industry professionals maintain that certain products stand out.

Arguably, roof is a home or business establishment’s most critical external features. These shields safeguard a property’s residents, customers, and physical assets from potentially harmful elements like:

  • Especially warm or cold temperatures
  • Moisture produced by humidity
  • Wetness created by precipitation, such as rain, snow, and ice
  • A wide array of allergens and air pollutants

Damaged roofs could elicit costly and dangerous problems including water leaks, the development of health-impeding particles like mold and increased energy costs precipitated by excessive exterior air penetrating the location in question’s interior.

The Strongest And Most Lasting Roofing Materials

While all constructible roofing materials possess a certain degree of durability and timelessness, a handful of products enjoy premiere reputations including:


Slate is a hard, relatively malleable rock derived directly from volcanic ash. The material is a favorite of roofers and property owners because it is extremely long-lasting. When properly installed, slate shingles can remain intact anywhere from 75 years to more than two centuries.

In addition to its longevity slate is quite durable. Its heavy weight and thick content enables the product to stand up against the harshest temperatures and atmospheric phenomena. Moreover, the substance is fireproof.

The only drawback is its price. Industry insiders maintain that slate is amongst the more expensive roofing choices.


Asphalt shingles have been used for many years and are considered a standard bearer amongst roofing materials. This product can easily last up to 30 years and requires little, if any, maintenance.

Furthermore, asphalt is one of the more inexpensive roofing agents and is not complicated to install. This drastically reduces associated labor costs.

That said, certain types of asphalt shingles are rated better than others. Construction professionals caution home and property owners set on installing an asphalt roof only invest in shingles given optimal hail ratings.

This measurement is said to gauge the product’s level of impact resistance. Said ranking proves crucial when the product is exposed to potentially damaging occurrences like wind and icy precipitation.


Metal roofing continues to gain popularity as a premiere roofing material. The product typically remains in top notch condition ranging from three to five decades. Additionally, metal possesses high impact resistance and can stand up to the most challenging environments.

Moreover, metal is considered amongst the most energy-efficient roofing products available for public consumption. Such a benefit could save home and building owners appreciable sums of money in energy expenditures. Roofing experts also claim that metal requires the least amount of maintenance of all roofing products.

Metal is slightly more expensive than certain other choices because installation is more specialized.

Wood Shake

Wood shake shingles receive high praise from contractors and property owners because of its visual appeal. Arguably, wood roofs are the most aesthetically-pleasing.

This product’s durability comes from its thick cut. Wood is considered an optimal natural insulating material and wood shake roof often reduce the residence’s or business’s heating and cooling expenses significantly.

That said, wood requires a notable level of maintenance. Additionally, the precision needed to cut and install the product combined with its visual attractiveness makes it a relatively expensive choice. However, when properly kept up, wood shakes can last for as long as 55 years.

Plastic Polymer

Plastic polymer has emerged in recent years as a favored roofing product. This synthetic substance is exceptionally malleable, which heightens its defense against temperature and weather extremes.

Furthermore, the material can be constructed to appear like slate and wooden shake. Such attributes greatly increase its aesthetic quality. In addition, the material does not require a high degree of maintenance, is not labor intensive, and is energy and cost-efficient.

Usually, plastic polymer roofs can last for up to 50 years.

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