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What the Hail Happened to My Roof?!

Weather in Overland Park can be pretty unpredictable, so it is necessary to cover all types of weather damage your roof may endure. With spring here, the beginning of hail season is, too. Hail damage on a roof may be a little more difficult to spot than on a car, so it is good to inform yourself on what hail damage looks like to know whether or not you need to contact a premier premier roofing company in Overland Park for a complete roof inspection.

What the Hail Happened to My Roof?! 

  • Granules coming from downspouts are a great indicator hail may have damaged and loosened shingles on your roof. It could also indicate your shingles need to be repaired or replaced by a company specializing in emergency roof repair in Overland Park 
  • Indentations on siding, gutters, gutter screens, or downspouts. Hail damage to these will also have likely caused damage to your roof 
  • If you notice hail damage to your car or other cars in your neighborhood, it is highly likely your roof experienced damage as well 
  • Look for shingles that have fallen from your roof. If you notice a lot of shingles your yard, call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for emergency roof repair in Overland Park   
  • Cracked wood, slate, or clay shingles  

If no action is taken post hailstorm and your roof did suffer damage, you run the risk of leaky roofs and quick deterioration of shingles, ultimately causing more damage later on and will need to call roofing companies in Overland Park. 

If you believe hail damaged your roof, contact Shamrock Roofing and Construction, the best roofer in Overland Park, for a comprehensive inspection before calling your insurance company.

Our trained contractors will evaluate the damage and ensure if your roof is eligible for a claim or not. If there is damage, we suggest you utilize our service and have us attend the inspection with your claims adjuster, where we will handle it from start to finish. Offering premier roofing in Overland Park and employing the best roofing contractors in Overland Park, we guarantee roof installation per insurance company pricing and manufacturers specifications.