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What’s a Resilient Roof?

Commercial properties are a significant investment for most buyers, and savvy business owners are always monitoring the bottom line. The most in-tune facilities managers pay close attention to the costs associated with all aspects of the property, including commercial flat roof materials, a feature often viewed as an afterthought.

While some property owners understand how to value these costs, many others don’t know where to begin. Roofing terminology can be complex, and knowing what roofing product is right for your commercial building is easier said than done. The roofing professionals at Shamrock Roofing and Construction always recommend investing in a resilient roofing product on commercial properties. 

Here’s a little more about why this is important to the bottom line.

Roof Resilience Defined

In its simplest form, resiliency is a business’s ability to take on challenges without suffering significant loss. Typically, we think of resilience in terms of weathering an economic swing, having a secure IT infrastructure, or handling a poor customer review exceptionally well. The same concept applies to your commercial property. Your building (especially your EPDM roofing system) must be equipped to remain operational while handling a host of uncontrollable issues: harsh weather conditions, environmental contaminants, or other wear and tear. A roofing structure made of materials that are adept at handling different conditions is considered a resilient roofing system.

A resilient roof can handle extreme weather conditions with ease, deflecting hail and heavy rains, holding up under snow and ice, and repelling the sun’s harsh UV rays. A resilient roof is fire-resistant, puncture-resistant, and chemical resistant. It protects your building from just about anything that comes its way — which means the building lasts longer.

Why Invest in a Resilient Roof?

Investing in a roof that can handle any situation has long-term value. If your EPDM roofing structure doesn’t pass the resiliency test, you could find yourself staring down a slew of direct and indirect costs. Commercial flat roof materials are expensive, so you’ll have the costs of repair and replacement. You’ll also have to consider losses caused by a disruption to the business. Potential revenue loss during a repair project, damage to brand reputation, tenant irritation due to disruptions, and a hit to shareholder and employee morale all take a toll on the overall health of the business. Resilient roofing solutions may contain upfront costs, but the value added in the long run is irreplaceable!

What Are the Next Steps?

If you’re sold on the idea of investing in a resilient roof structure, it’s time to start searching for a reputable team of “commercial roofers near me.” Many resilient roofing products break traditional city codes, so it’s best to hire a roofer who knows the ins and outs of your city’s programs and policies. You’ll want to schedule a consultation to discover the roofing product that best fits your business needs. Doing your research and hiring a roofer well-versed in all commercial flat roof materials is your best bet.  

Who Are the Experts in Bentonville? Shamrock Roofing and Construction!

At Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we know you have choices when it comes to choosing business partners. We want to be part of the team. At Shamrock, we stay up-to-date on all roofing trends and modern technology. When you’re ready to invest in a resilient roof, you won’t need to search very long for “commercial roofers near me.” Shamrock Roofing should land at the top of your list! 

Contact us today for more information on our commercial roofing services. We’d love the chance to earn your business. We look forward to working with you!