What’s Causing Your New Roof In Johnson County To Leak?

A leaking roof will always present multiple challenges for homeowners.  Not only is it an unwanted to need to call on emergency roof repair in Johnson County, but finding the best roofer in Johnson County can also be difficult.  A water leak from your roof into your home can cause damage to you or your belongings, the formation of mold or other interior surfaces in your home to become water damaged.  Your trusted Johnson County roofer is here to help you with your roof repair in Johnson County.  What’s causing your new roof in Johnson County to leak? 

It can sometimes be a challenge for your Johnson County roofing company to locate and determine the source of a roof leak.  The cause of a roof leak on the outside of a home rarely matches where the leak is showing on the inside of your home, and it takes the best premium Johnson County roofing contractor to trace the evidence of the leak back to the source.  Locating the cause of a leak isn’t an exact science, but a process that your Johnson County roofing companies know how to do.   


How Roofers In Johnson County Locate A Leak 


  • Start by locating the leak on the inside of your home, and confirm that the source of the water on the inside of your home is a result of a roof leak and not due to another problem with another appliance from inside your home.  Other than your roof, other common sources of water damage and leaks can be plumbing, roof scuppers, roof drains, HVAC, and condensation. 
  • Once you have taken the time to determine that your leak is indeed findings its way into your house from the outside, measure the location of the leak in your living space between two fixed points.  These points can be perpendicular exterior walls, a fireplace chimney, or some other component of your suffering room that extends into the attic space or roof surface.
  • Once you have located the leak on your ceiling, its time to go into the attic and locate it again on the floor.  Finding the leak on the underside of the roof deck by using the measurements you took from before is extremely important.  The location of the actual entry point of the water into your attic may be different from where the leak is showing in your regular living space, and that is normal.   
  • Once a roofer has taken their measurements and found the source and evidence of water damage, it’s time to climb onto the roof.  A great roofer will need to adjust their measurements previously taken to account for the depth of the exterior bearing walls and soffit overhangs.  After locating the place on your roof that water is entering from, your roofer will then know how to guide or even give you inspection tips through the process of deciding on the best repair method.