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Which roof is best for a warm climate?

A warm climate warrants a different roof than one you would want to use in a cold climate. In a cold climate, you would want something such as shingles or metal that would repel ice and snow. For warmer temperatures, you want a roof that will reflect heat and keep the rooms inside the house nice and cool. There are many aspects of a roof that will aid in cooling your home, but this will help lower energy costs by allowing you to keep your air-conditioner off as much as possible. Running your air conditioner daily can have a drastic effect on your power bill, causing it to spike. The roof you have on your house makes a huge difference when it comes to lowering these cooling costs. Below are a couple of the best plans for your roof and different materials to consider if you live in a warmer climate such as Florida, Oklahoma, or Arizona. In places like these, you will definitely want a strong defense against the humidity you will face daily.

When you wear black shirt in the summertime, you immediately start to regret it once you start walking around town. The color of your shirt essentially absorbs the heat faster and makes you that much hotter. The same can be true when it comes to the color of your roof. If it boasts any dark shade of paint, it will absorb the heat from the sun that much faster. That heat will then seep into your attic or other spaces of your home, making the air around you and your family hot and humid. When choosing from colors to paint your home, consider anything light and bright, especially for the roof. It can ultimately help your home remain up to thirty degrees cooler.

Clay tile roofing is a great decision you can make when preparing your home to withstand a warm climate! First off, it already comes in a light color that will not absorb heat quickly into your home. Secondly, it can withstand strong winds and wet weather. It has a long lifespan of around one hundred and fifty years with little maintenance needed in that time frame. Third, clay literally blocks the heat from the sun. Because of the quality of insulation it provides, it allows for your home to stay cool when it’s hot while at the same time it is able to keep your home warm if it gets cold.

Different Tiles for Different Uses
You can also choose between roofing such as metal or terra cotta tiles. Metal roofing does a better job at keeping houses cool than you would think. This is because of a barrier it is able to create between the deck and the roof. It is also affordable and won’t break the bank. The same is true for terra cotta tiles. Shingle roofs are not recommended for warmer climates as they tend to rot away quicker when exposed to rain and heat that erode materials when combined. Call a licensed roofer for more information.