Which Roofing Material Is The Cheapest?

In the beginning, before we start writing about specific prices, we want to clarify two issues. First of all, every customer who goes to our roofing center is serviced individually, at the highest level and it does not matter to us whether he buys economical roofing or “from the top shelf”. Secondly, the prices we quote here are based on current roofing price lists.

So much for the introduction, and now specific examples of roofing materials, prices and our expert roofing contractor’s comments.

Which Sheet Roofing Is The Cheapest?

It is difficult to answer the question in one sentence. When considering a roofing material, such as tile and steel sheet, it is not easy to answer this question. The cheapest metal roofing tile is about 26 PLN / m2 total, the cheapest trapezoidal metal sheet is about 24 PLN / m2 total in the galvanized version or 26 PLN / m2 total in the coated version.

Personally, we think that the cheapest steel sheet coverings should be bought very carefully. If we plan to cover, for example, a carport, gazebos, etc., which are intended to serve us for several years, then naturally we do not have to go crazy with the material and we can confidently decide on economical solutions. 

However, in the case of roofing on our home, we strongly recommend buying roof tiles or trapezoidal sheets with a minimum of so-called “Mid-priced”. The cost of such sheet is about 32 PLN / m2 total. To make sure that the roofing will serve us for a long time, it should be a matt coating 35 μm thick or even 50 μm thick. In such cases, they are often sheets that have a 30, 40-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Unfortunately, such warranty documents must be very careful and carefully read into the conditions. Steel sheet coverings have guarantees with very high restrictions, which by definition will be very difficult to meet.

Which Tile Is The Cheapest?

The cheapest cement tile (also called concrete tile) is 19 PLN / m2. Contrary to the price, this is a very good product, which naturally has its drawback  the appearance at close range. We’ve been selling cement roof tiles for almost a quarter of a century and have never had a complaint about them. 

Concrete Roof Tiles Have Many Advantages, Including:

When choosing a ceramic tile, you have to take into account the minimum expenditure of 32-33 PLN / m2. Will we get a bad tile for the price? Well, not quite good. In the case of ceramic tiles, the high price is often dictated by the current fashion, color, available color palette and place of production. Unfortunately, in the case of ceramics all additions are more expensive than with cement tiles.

For example, a fireplace for venting a sewer in a concrete tile costs PLN 160, and in ceramics an average of PLN 450. Other strategic tiles such as edge tiles, ventilation tiles, etc. are more expensive.