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Why Do You Need a Spring Roof Inspection By a Johnson County Roofing Company?

In order to ensure that the harsh winter weather was not overly hard on your roof, it is extremely important to schedule a spring roof inspection with a Johnson County Commercial Roofing Company. The winter cycle of freezing and thawing over several months can allow moisture into your house through any cracks or unsealed holes in your roof or home exterior. Once the temperatures cool again, this moisture will freeze, expanding any cracks and increasing any damage already present on your roof. Additionally, moisture present inside your home (for example, from humidifiers inside your home or even boiling water in the kitchen) can rise into your attic and cause similar problems. Scheduling a roof inspection with us, best commercial roofers in Johnson County, early this spring will mean any potential issues will be caught and dealt with before major damage can occur.

Below, we have listed a number of problems that might be found on your roof during your spring roof inspection. Make sure that you schedule your inspection with a premium Johnson County roofing contractor to be sure that all issues are found right away.

Damaged shingles, which can include curling, buckling, and blistering. These shingle issues are an indication that your roof is ready for replacement. You should consider a roofing company that can provide a new roof in Johnson County.

Granule loss, which can be caused by ice on your roof, extreme cold, and even snow. This leaves your roof susceptible to UV damage and increased shingle damage as the temperatures warm.

The additional loose material on your roof, specifically around areas like skylights, chimneys, vents, or other elements protruding from your roof. Flashing and rubber seals can quickly deteriorate over the cold winter months. Fortunately, an application of roofing cement can reseal any affected areas. A company specializing in roof repair in Johnson County can easily assist with these repairs.

Damage to any of the seals and flashing can also lead to leaks, which, as mentioned earlier, can cause additional cracking and damage to your roof.
Shamrock Roofing and Construction is one of the top residential roofing contractors in Johnson County, and we can happily provide a spring roof inspection to ensure your roof is in top shape this year.