Why Does My Roof Only Leak Sometimes?

A quality roof should last many years without giving you too many problems. Sporadic roof leaks are an issue that can be confusing for property owners. You might have seen a leak once and figured that the problem was solved when it didn’t happen during the next rainstorm. Roof leaks typically do not resolve on their own. Instead, a single water leak is a sign that you’ll likely have problems in the future. Now that you’ve identified that this is an ongoing problem, your biggest concern is to find out why it keeps happening. Figuring out why your roof is leaking requires a close inspection, but you can consider these possible reasons for why it might be happening randomly.

One of the main causes for intermittent roof leaks is differences in the rainstorms that hit your home. A light rain shower might not have enough precipitation to actually breach your roof. Even if the water gets beneath the shingles, it might not be enough to soak through the underlying roofing materials. During periods of heavy rain, a leak can happen simply because enough water can soak through the roof layers and reach the inside of your house. This could be caused by problems with the main roof, or it might be because there is an issue with the rain gutters. If the water can’t run freely through the gutters, then it will collect on the roof. This can also cause damage to the roofing materials.

Rain that blows in horizontally is another common reason for random roof leaks. The roof is designed to function best when the rain hits it coming straight down. If the storm system has heavy winds, then the rain might be blown underneath the shingles. Occasionally, there are other areas on the roofing that are damaged. For instance, you might have a loose piece of flashing around a chimney, and the rain only gets through the opening sometimes. Older roofs can develop weak spots that aren’t easy to notice from afar, and they may only leak if the conditions are right.

Find and Fix the Source of Intermittent Roof Leaks

Finding the source of a roof leak that happens occasionally requires you to take the following steps:

•schedule a professional inspection

•mention the areas where you see the roof leak inside

•discuss your opens for roof repair or replacement

A professional inspection is important for several reasons. Trying to check a roof when you are not trained can cause you to potentially get hurt. Roofs often have damage that is hidden beneath the surface, and walking on weak spots can make the problem worse. In a worst-case scenario, you could fall through severely water damaged roofing materials. Roof leaks are also hard to detect, especially when they happen every now and then. A professional roofing contractor Lincoln knows how to check both common and uncommon areas where leaks tend to happen. They may ask you where you see the water coming inside. This can sometimes help them know where to focus on during their inspection. However, it is also possible that the leak is beginning far from where you notice it indoors. Water tends to take the path of least resistance and can travel in any direction down the roofing and through the walls.

Once the source of the leak is found, the professional roofer overland park will talk to you about your options. In some cases, a shingle might need to be repair. Or, flashing around the chimney might need to be tacked down. In other cases, a full roof replacement might be necessary to restore the integrity of your home’s biggest defense against water damage. In all of these cases, you can expect to learn about the reasons why and how doing so will protect your home.

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