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Why Fall is the Best Time for Roofing in KC 

It’s finally September! The leaves are slowly turning into beautiful colors, the weather is getting cooler, football season is back, and the fall festivities are upon us! Fall is not only a fun season, but it’s also the best time for roofing projects as well. Roofing companies in Kansas City love the fall for many reasons. If you have been holding off on residential or commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO, we’re going to explain why fall is the best time for roofing in KC.  

Why Fall is the Best Time for Roofing in KC 

Perfect Weather

Like we mentioned, fall has perfect weather. For roofing contractors in Kansas City, the dog days of summer are excruciatingly hot, the winter is brutally cold, and spring weather is extremely unpredictable, making fall the perfect medium! Additionally, when shingles are applied at the right temperature, it is easier for them to seal properly.  

End of Summer Heat and Stormy Season

Spring in Kansas City this year was a very wet one, while this summer reached some incredibly hot days. Luckily, tornado season and 100 degree days are behind us. Fall gives the your roofing companies in KC an opportunity to check for water damage, trapped moisture, broken shingles, and any other problems that may have occurred over the past few nine months. The summer sun may have also weakened your shingles protective coating, which contractors for premier roofing in Kansas City can also check.   

Prepare for the Cold

Winter brings snow, and snow can wreak havoc on your roof! Fortunately, roofs are designed to withstand specific amounts of snow, but too much can potentially cause problems, especially on an aging roof. A snowy season may cause ice dams to form and damage the shingles. To avoid these problems, calling a premier roofing company in Kansas City to come out and assess your roof before winter is a smart idea.  

Save on Winter Heating

When winter brings snow and cold weather, it also brings high electric bills with it. Obviously, you want a nice, warm home to take shelter from the frigid weather outside. To avoid cold air coming inside and heat escaping, the best roofer in Kansas City will tell you that a new roof is your best bet at preventing high electricity bills.