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Why Is Attic Ventilation So Important?

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As the summer months make their way into the Johnson County community, many homeowners are planting their seasonal gardens, dreaming up deck renovations, or heading out on a well-deserved vacation. However, along with summer fun and games comes the responsibility of preparing your home for the long hot months ahead. 

Obtaining a free roof inspection and checking your home for proper attic ventilation is something all roofers in Johnson County recommend as part of the summer roofing maintenance routine. Here’s what you need to know about this vital aspect of your home.

What is Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation isn’t the most glamorous topic, so it’s not surprising that many homeowners have a limited understanding of its importance in protecting the home. As any Johnson County roofing company will attest, proper attic ventilation is usually achieved via vent spacing that promotes the continuous flow of air. Warm, humid air rises to the attic and is filtered out via the exhaust vent, while fresh air is admitted through intake vents. The fresh air then circulates throughout the living space. This delicate balance is extremely important for protecting you and your family and keeping your home’s temperature and air quality at optimal levels.

What Can Go Wrong?

If you ask a Johnson County roofing company about the importance of proper attic ventilation, they’ll likely tell you that the primary motivation is to protect your roof from damage. Creating an environment where air flows freely and stagnant air can be recycled helps your home resist heat and moisture buildup. Without it, your roof may experience premature warping, water damage, and aggravations like mold and mildew. All of these consequences can have devastating financial implications – including the possibility of a total roof replacement. That’s something no homeowner wants to deal with!

In addition to shortening your roof’s natural lifespan, poor attic ventilation also affects your family’s quality of life. When heat is trapped in the attic, it finds a way to seep back down to your living quarters. This creates an uncomfortable living environment. It may also reduce your home’s overall air quality. Once this cycle happens, it can be challenging to regulate your home’s temperature. Trapped air drives up utility costs, putting a ding in the family budget. Ensuring your attic ventilation is adequate for the size of your home is an excellent way to prevent this financial impact. 

What’s the Next Step? Call Shamrock Roofing!

Attic ventilation is a critical part of your home’s overall ecosystem, and poor ventilation can affect your family in many ways. If you’re concerned about your attic’s ventilation, it’s time to call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for a free roof inspection. Our team consists of some of the best roofers in Johnson County. With over 55 years in the roofing industry, we’re well-equipped to help you with all your roofing needs. Contact us today!