Why Partial Roof Repairs Aren’t the Best Option

Owning a home is a great feeling. It’s exciting to invest your time and energy into creating a safe space to work, play, and relax! That said, homeownership also comes with a level of responsibility that includes taking care of the whole property. That includes one of the more critical components of the house — the roof!

Most homeowners don’t appreciate the value of the roof until it’s too late. The shock of a roof repair estimate often has homeowners wondering if partial repairs are an option.  While it’s true that roofing in Des Moines can be costly and partial repairs are doable, cutting corners isn’t your best strategy. 

Here’s a little perspective on why that’s the case, brought to you by Shamrock Roofing and Construction. We’re one of the Des Moines area’s most trusted roofing companies. With over 40 years in business, we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with area homeowners. We believe educated homeowners make the smartest decisions when it comes to caring for their property.

Conflicting Lifespans

All roofing materials come with an estimated life expectancy. When you choose to replace only part of your roof, you begin a continuous cycle of repair and replacement. The roof is now out of sync, with each side operating on a different timeline. This creates an unnecessary headache for you as a homeowner because you have to keep track of differing installation dates and warranty expirations. This is a great reason to ditch the idea of a partial roof replacement. 

It’s More Costly

Many homeowners choose a partial roof replacement because they assume it will save them money, but if you ask any reputable roofing company in Des Moines, you’ll discover the savings aspect might be a myth. 

When you replace only half of your roof, you’ll likely also acquire repair costs on the side you choose not to replace. These dual costs at different times actually add fees and expenses that result in you spending more money in the long run. Plus, you’ll run into other financial conundrums like lack of full warranty coverage or conflicting workmanship guarantees. 

Poor Aesthetics

Last but not least, you must consider the aesthetic cost of a partial roof replacement in Des Moines. Repairing only half your roof will impact your home’s curb appeal. Half the roof will appear fresh and new, while the other half may start looking pretty ragged and worn within the next few years. This inconsistency can also cause problems down the line when you’re ready to sell the place. No buyer wants to pay full price for a mismatched roof!

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