Why You Shouldn’t Leave Snow On Your Kansas City Roof

The best roofer in Kansas City won’t be the last to tell you… Beware of Ice Dams!  Just because snow has stopped falling doesn’t mean that your home and roof is safe.  Your trusted premium Kansas City roofing contractor will encourage you always to be aware of how much snow is on your roof.  Not only can it be heavy for your roof, but also cause leaking and ice dams.  Low temperatures mean that snow will become settled onto your roof, and might be there for a while.  Your trusted Kansas City roofing company is here!  This is why you shouldn’t leave snow on your Kansas City roof to avoid roof repair in Kansas City.   


What Are Ice Dams?  

Ice dams form in cold weather while there is a layer of snow on your roof.  Heat within your home rises into the attic and warms your roof from the inside out.  As the snow begins to melt, water will run under the snow down to your roof’s edge.  The lower edge of your roof tends to be the coldest due to the surrounding temperatures.  At this point, the running water refreezes under the snow and forms a thin layer of ice.  Ice dams can damage older, and even a new roof in Kansas City as your commercial and residential roofing contractors in Kansas City will explain.   

When ice dams form over and over again, they expand to the point where it holds back a pool of water onto your roof.  The growth of this ice dam can force that water under your roof’s shingles, where it finds its way into your attic or down your walls.   


How To Avoid Ice Dams & Emergency Roof Repair In Kansas City  

  • Use a rake, ideally with wheels, and remove the snow from your roof.  Do this from the ground to ensure your safety.  Do not step onto a slippery rooftop.
  • Hire a roofer to remove the snow from your roof. 
  • Use heating cables on eaves, gutters, and downspouts to ensure all of the snow melts and does not refreeze near the edge of your roof.   

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