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Wind storm effect on roofs

We are no stranger to strong winds a d the effect it causes. Though thunderstorms occur for a brief span of time, high winds tend to accompany them and cause considerable damage to your roof. Though sustained winds may not cause damage, only a string gust will be enough to bring about severe wretch to your house, especially the roof. But many people are surprised to know that even days may add up to the damage faced by the roof and this is particularly true in the case of aging roofs. That is why it is imperative for every homeowner to know the impact of wind and storm on your roof.

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Regular winds:

With the aging of your roof, each gust tends to loosen up the binding of the shingle. And as this continues, your shingles will become loose enough to allow water to penetrate through them.


It goes without saying that a storm can rip a shingle apart and expose the surface to the various natural elements. Even after the season of rain is over, water continues to damage the interior parts of the roof which is hard to detect.


It can loosen up the asphalt shingle coating and as a result of this, shingles are exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. With the passage of time, it can degrade the material of your shingles had cause remarkable leakage.


With strong winds, damage caused to the roof by regular rain is intensified. When the wind blows at a very high speed, it forces down the rain to enter through the open crevices, thereby magnifying the risk of major leakage.

New roofs are generally better equipped for handling string winds compared to older roofs. But when the wind is very strong, it can wreak more damage than what you are prepared to handle. Therefore, it’s better to start off right away.

If you feel that your roof might have been damaged due to strong winds, then don’t wait for the disaster to strike. Call our expert roofers now, lets have a look and save you money and heartburn.