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Winter Storm Damage = Spring Roof Repairs

The winter season can be unpredictable in Des Moines. Some winters are relatively mild, while in other years, the area is buried under heavier-than-average snowfall. The region is prone to the perils of snow and ice, and homeowners have to be prepared to deal with the challenges thrown their way by Mother Nature. 

That said, winter storms are one of the leading causes of roof repair and, by extension, roof replacement in Des Moines. Cleaning up the aftermath of a winter storm is a lot of work, and often the damage doesn’t come to light until spring arrives. At that point, local roofers have a list of customers a mile long waiting for help. 

Shamrock to the Rescue

Shamrock Roofing and Construction is one of the most trusted roofing companies in the Des Moines metro area. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services for those times when you need us the most. We also specialize in roof replacement services. All our customers start out with a free roof inspection just to make sure we have a full assessment of what’s going on and what’s needed before any work starts. And we help our customers determine the best course of action for their unique situation.

Since winter isn’t quite over yet, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common roofing challenges brought on by winter weather. In our experience, these are the issues that most often create a need for spring roof repair. 

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the leading reasons for roofing calls in Des Moines. Hail damage can range in severity, and even the smallest pellets can wreak havoc on your rooftop. Also, hail doesn’t discriminate. Any roofing material from asphalt to metal to slate is vulnerable to this winter weather foe, and some hold up under the assault better than others. 

You can’t always spot hail damage on the roof from the ground. But if you notice that other elements of your property, such as landscaping or lawn furniture, are damaged, you’ll know there’s a good chance the roof is too. It’s time to call in the experts on roof repair in Des Moines for a thorough assessment. 

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a major concern for many Des Moines residents. An ice dam is caused by melting snow that refreezes before it can drain off the roof. As more snow melts, the ice traps it and holds it, causing it to refreeze and join the rest of the ice dam. This cycle continues until there’s a whole row of ice dams (also known as icicles) hanging from the roof.

When water gets trapped like this, it begins to push under your roofing materials, damaging shingles and creating openings for roof leaks and interior water damage. If the situation isn’t rectified quickly, you may find yourself in need of a roof replacement in Des Moines — a predicament no one wants to manage in the midst of winter.  

Excess Snow Accumulation

Snow accumulation is also a cause for concern. When snow is allowed to pile up on your roof, the opportunity for ice dams, pooling water, or avalanche-type falls increases significantly. Snow can also be heavy, adding considerable weight to the roof structure. These issues are concerning not only for the damage they can cause to your home but also for the bodily harm that could occur if a load of snow falls on someone below. 

Spring Roof Repairs Made Easy With Shamrock Roofing

There’s no doubt that spring roof repair in Des Moines is a possibility if you don’t take care of your roof through the winter. Rather than find yourself in an emergency situation, why not be proactive and call Shamrock Roofing and Construction for a free roof inspection? Even if there’s no damage from winter storms, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that and can rest easier if another storm sweeps through. 

Contact us today to learn more about storm damage repair or any of our other residential roofing services. Or get on the calendar for a free roof inspection. Either way, we’ve got you covered!