3 Ways Winter Weather Can Affect Residential Roofing In Omaha

Omaha’s winter weather can be a massive hassle for Omaha NE roofing contractors.  The best roofing contractor in Omaha NE knows that winter weather can take a toll on a homeowner’s roof and that it takes proper roofing techniques to make sure that your roof is ready for spring and summer.  Roof repair in Omaha NE always seems to follow harsh winter weather, but it helps to know what’s coming to prepare your roof and home better.  Here are 3 ways winter weather can affect residential roofing in Omaha.   


Water Damage 


Freezing rain can damage a homeowner’s roof, and often lead to an urgent call to the your roofing companies in Omaha NE.  Water damage during the winter is incredibly problematic during the winter months because of ice build up in gutters and drainage systems.  If ice builds up in a home’s drainage system, the house could fall victim to leaks and further damage.  Residential roofing companies in Omaha NE always warn homeowners that water damage can occur after extensive heavy rain, and when the accumulated water reaches underneath shingles and into the home.  Remember, both slanted and flat roofs are susceptible to water damage.   


Snow Damage 


Omaha may not always have a lot of snow, but even just a few inches can cause damage to a roof for commercial roofing in Omaha NE.  Snow damage can be risky if your home’s roof is flat or designed in a way that the snow cannot melt and drain off and away from the house quickly.  Commercial Omaha roofing contractors know that snow can melt quicker on a roof due its exposure to the sun, and if the melting snow cannot drain properly, water damage might occur.   


Many homeowners attempt to clear snow off of their roofs themselves, and that can be damaging to both your roof and your person.  Safety should always come first.  Remember; never step onto a snow-covered roof without professional roofing equipment and training.  Safety first! 


Wind Damage 


Wind damage during the winter months can be one of the most common forms of roof damage.  Loose or old roof shingles can be blown off entirely due to blustering winter winds.  The damage caused by winter winds is compounded when the winter wind is accompanied by sleet or hail.  Talk to your Omaha roofer today and schedule a roof inspection or for questions on how to winterize your Omaha roof.  Make sure that all of your shingles are still in place and intact, ready to keep you safe and dry in the months to come.