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How to Winterize Your Roof

Winter is near, which means snow and ice are too. Unfortunately, Kansas’s weather is extremely unpredictable, which makes it difficult to know how much snow and ice to prepare for. According to Omaha roofing contractors, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for the cold weather. Here are five easy ways if you’re wondering how to winterize your roof:

How to winterize your roof

Clear Fall Debris

One of the first steps roofers in Omaha take to winterize a roof is removing any debris left by fall weather. This includes cleaning the gutters of leaves, sticks, acorns, etc. Allowing such debris to build up will cause the gutters to clog and not allow melted snow to drain properly.

Look for Shingle Damage

Once your gutters are clear of debris, you’ll want to look for damage to any shingles. This may consist of missing shingles, hail damage, and loose granules. Getting emergency roof repair in Omaha on any damaged shingles before the winter will prevent any roof leaks and possibly needing a new roof in the spring. 

Check Attic Insulation

Without proper attic ventilation, many problems can occur and energy bills will increase dramatically. Ensure your attic is insulated well to avoid roof leaks, ice dams, and the growth of mold and mildew.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Snow and ice can weigh down tree branches causing them to snap. If you have large tree branches hanging over your home, it is highly recommended by Omaha roofing companies to trim them down before winter. Trimming will prevent them from falling on your roof and leading to you needing a new roof in Omaha, Nebraska.

Professional Roof Inspection

While it’s possible to inspect these things yourself, it’s best to receive a Omaha roofing company inspection to ensure your roof is up to par for the winter so you don’t have to do a full replacement down the road. A Omaha roofer will be able to complete a proper inspection and know exactly what to look for.