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5 Tips for Selecting a Roof Color

When getting a new roof in Kansas City, there are many considerations you have to make. Along with deciding which premier missouri roofing company in Kansas City to install it, you must also choose the shingle color. There are many colors out there, but which one should you go with? Here are 5 tips for selecting a roof color for your new roof.

Selecting a Roof Color

Tips for Selecting a Roof Color

1. Coordinate with your neighbors

If you live in a neighborhood, look around to see what color shingles your neighbors have. It will give you a good idea as to what is acceptable under the homeowner’s association rules.

2. Recognize the climate you live in

The color of shingles has a significant effect on the heating and cooling costs of a home. For example, a dark roof will absorb more heat than a light-colored roof and ultimately increase the temperature of your attic. Many roofing companies in Kansas City suggest lighter colored shingles, as opposed to plain asphalt shingles, to help keep internal temperatures down.

3. The architectural style of your home

The architectural style of your home plays a major factor in the shingle color and to avoid the poor ventiliation. For example, a Spanish-style home will have a very different color roof than a Victorian or a Cottage. Because most homes in a subdivision have similar architectural styles, roofing contractors in Kansas City recommend finding a home similar to yours and seeing what color roof they have.

4. Match the color of your siding

The color of your home is always a good indicator as to what color roof you choose. For example, a white house will look best with a darker color roof, while a brown home will look well with brown shingles. You can also coordinate your roof with other colors found on your house such as the brick, stone, or trim.

5. Ask the best roofer in Kansas City

If you are absolutely clueless about which color to go with, you can always ask the best roofer in Kansas City for guidance. We know what color shingles look best with specific colored houses. As one of the your roofing companies in Kansas City, let us help you make the right decision!