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Roof Problems Caused by Poor Ventilation

Many homeowners know that roof ventilation is important, but many don’t know why. For both residential and commercial roofing in Leawood, KS, proper ventilation allows heat to escape and control moisture. Without it, a number of roof problems will arise and cause extensive damage that will call for expensive emergency roof repair in Leawood.  Let’s look at roof problems caused by poor ventilation.

Roof Problems Poor Ventilation

Roof Problems Caused by Poor Ventilation Mold

The most common problem roofing contractors in Leawood see in homes with inadequate ventilation is mold. This occurs during the winter months when the cold attic air and the warm, moist air from inside the house meet and produce condensation. This process creates an environment where mold thrives. As you know, mold causes severe respiratory problems for those inside the house – and is just all around gross!  

A/C Issues 

In a home with poor ventilation, the air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep the homes internal temperature at a comfortable level. Working overtime can cause wear and tear on you’re A/C unit and increase your utility bills as well. You can avoid needing to buy a new unit by calling a premier roofing company in Leawood to come out and assess the ventilation problem early enough. 

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a nightmare for roofing companies in Leawood during the winter. These dams occur when heat escapes from a home, causing the snow on the roof to melt. When it does, the melted snow goes down the roof and then refreezes when it reaches the part of the roof that is below freezing temperature, forming an ice dam. The more this process continues, water starts to pool behind the dam, all because of poor ventilation. 

Roof Deterioration

The moisture that causes mold to grow will also cause the roof decking to warp, shingles to crack, rust to form, and much more. Additionally, ice dams eventually lead to water leaking into the home and the roof to potentially sag from all the weight and discoloration of the roof color.  

As you can see, little to no ventilation in a home creates a never-ending cycle of events that ultimately leads to a failing roof. If you feel as though your home has ventilation problems, give the best roofer in Leawood at Shamrock Roofing and Construction a call for a free inspection. As one of the best roofing experts in KC in Leawood, we are here to help you identify and repair any problems your roof is facing.