8 Tips for Repairing Ice Dams Permanently from a Johnson County Roofing Company

Keeping your entire roof at temperature equilibrium with your eaves is the number one goal to fix ice dam problems permanently. This can be accomplished in a few fairly simple ways—by improving insulation and sealing any air leaks that allow heat to flow to the bottom of your roof.
Here are eight areas that most often cause problems that lead to ice dams. Fix these, and your roof should be ready to go this winter. As a bonus, you should see a decrease in energy usage and some savings with your energy company! If you need help with any of these fixes, give us a call—we are the best roofers in Johnson County.

  1. Add More Insulation: Increasing the amount of insulation in your attic and on the attic floor will help keep heat inside your home, where you want it.
  2. Caulk Openings Near Electrical Cables and Vent Pipes: Use a firestop sealant to seal these areas.
  3. Switch to Can Lights: Many homes have older recessed lights. These can emit a lot of heat; they also cannot be insulated, as that would cause a fire hazard. Installing sealed can light instead will allow you to insulate and keep the heat inside. iobit malware fighter 6 lisans kodu 2018
  4. Make Sure Exhaust Ducts Lead Outside: Make sure that the ducts connected to the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer vents all go to the outside through the roof or a wall. You never want it to go through the soffit. As leaders in roof repair in Johnson Country, we can help with the installation of both ridge and soffit vents.
  5. Cover the Attic Hatch: If you have a whole house fan or an attic hatch that is uncovered or unsealed, this can cause a great deal of heat to leak out. We deal with emergency roof repair in Johnson County and can help install an easy solution for covering these openings.
  6. Cover Gaps Around Chimneys: Use steel flashing and fire-stop sealant to cover any gaps or leaks between your chimney and your house frame. Do not use canned insulation, as it is not fire safe. Call our premium Johnson County roofing contractors to ensure this is done with yours and your roof’s safety in mind.
  7. Make Sure Ducts are Sealed and Well-Insulated: Use fiber reinforced duct mastic and foil faced fiberglass duct insulation to seal ducts. Our Johnson County roofing company can help.
  8. Seal Miscellaneous Gaps and Holes: Check for areas where the light shines through or where insulation is black and dirty due to air passing through. Seal these gaps to keep air and heat in your home where it belongs.

Be sure to give our residential roofing contractors in Johnson County a call if ice dams are a problem for your roof. We can fix any of these issues and help make ice dams history for your home.
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