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Roofing Safety for Joco & Overland Park Roofing Companies

One of the biggest concerns among Johnson County roofing companies, besides ensuring satisfaction for their customers, is the safety of their employees. According to OSHA, falls from roofs account for nearly one-third of deaths in residential construction. No matter how experienced a roofer may be, everyone is susceptible to falls, which is why it is crucial for an Overland Park roofing company to evaluate the hazards and provide proper training to every worker to reduce the risk of falls.   This is roofing safety for Johnson County roofing companies!


To minimize the risk of your employee’s, or even yourself, from falling or slipping off a roof, or even you falling through your home due to the roof failing, it’s good to understand the common risk factors and preventative measures to take. 


Ladders– Probably the most critical step in ensuring roofing safety is proper set up of your ladder. Before anything, carefully inspect your ladder. If it is damaged in any way, do not use it. Make sure your ladder is placed on solid, leveled ground and extend your ladder roughly 36 inches above the roof for a secure transition. 


Work Area– Before working on a roof, a Johnson County roofer should confirm the roof is clear from debris and tools. Not only does it become a tripping hazard, but wind can fling debris around and hit you unexpectedly, causing you to slip and fall.but wind can fling debris around and hit you unexpectedly, causing you to slip and fall. 


Weather Conditions- Roofs can reach temperatures of up to 170°F, imposing the threat of heat stress. It’s good to know the symptoms and steps to take to prevent heat-related illness, such as drinking lots of water. On the other end, never work on a slippery roof. Without proper footwear, it becomes difficult to maintain footing. 


Equipment– OSHA requires fall protection equipment for anyone working six feet above the ground. Roofing contractors in Johnson County are to be aware of personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), which include anchorage, full body harness, and a lanyard.  


Skylights- Always be mindful of skylights, as it can be easy for a roofer to step on one accidentally. If too much weight is put on it, it can easily give way, as they are relatively weak. OSHA requires a guardrail or a screen to protect each skylight on a roof to prevent injury.  


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