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A Tree Fell on my Roof! The Dangers of Tree Fall in Brookside

A Tree Fell on my Roof in Brookside!  What should I do?

Whether root rot was the culprit or harsh winds, a tree’s violent force can be destructive to any roof or home.  Hurricanes, floods, and snowstorms are few of the most common types of weather that can cause and result in tree fall and damage.  Older trees can be incredibly dangerous, when located near your home, being more vulnerable to strong winds than younger healthier trees are.  As premium Brookside roofing contractors, we prioritize safety over everything; safety of both you and your roof.  Take the steps to educate yourself on the next steps after a roof damaging tree fall and there are also mistakes all house owners make when they try to fix their roofs by themselves.

 A Tree Fell on my Roof! The Dangers of Tree Fall in Brookside

Step 1: Evacuate Immediately

If you or a family member is located on a second or third story, move and encourage them to the main story as quickly and safely as possible.  If debris happens to be blocking a door, look for a different exit from the upper stories.  Windows in safe locations are great alternatives. Safety comes first and foremost and should be the top priority, for not only your household but you as well.  Emergency roof repair companies in Brookside are quick, diligent, and safe, and should be able to help with any damage.

Step 2: Call For Help

If you are unable to exit your home safely, call out for help.  Calling for emergency services for assistance can be an excellent source of safe and effective help in keeping you and your household safe. If powerlines or wires were affected or taken down by the catastrophe, then call the police or power company immediately to get that safety hazard addressed.  Finally, you will need to call for emergency roof repair in Brookside to begin gaining information needed to repair your roof and making your home livable again.

Step 3: Protect Your Home

Many times, tree falls will expose the interior of your home, leaving it vulnerable to rain, storms, and further wind damage.  Taking steps to protect the interior of your home can be complicated, but extremely effective.  Make sure to lock all of your doors and windows, and cover anything valuable up with a tarp, or any other weather-resistant material.  Remember to only enter your home if it is secure and safe.  Falling debris, exposed wires, and loose or shaky floors can be extremely dangerous.

Roof Repair

Premium Brookside roofing contractors are professionals who will repair your roof after the tree is promptly removed.  They will address your roof damage, and steer you in the right direction toward your roof’s repair.  They will put tarps over any holes or exposed areas, ensuring that no more water will damage the interior of your house.  Safety is always first for Emergency roof repair companies in Brookside.  Remember, safety first!  Your Residential Roofing Professionals in Brookside are here to help!