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Shamrock Roofing is your trusted local roofing company & siding estimators who have all worked on numerous insurance repair projects before being called to your home. Most have a background in the roofing industry, and some are former insurance adjusters that have been hired for their knowledge of that industry. All Shamrock Roofers are well qualified to work with you in assuring you the best possible value and the most out of the money available to restore your home.

Our estimators are also available to be your advocate, if needed, to help give you information about your project and what is required from a certified and licensed contractor. When requested, they will work hand in hand with your adjuster to get your repairs estimated properly according to the current Building Codes and Manufacturer’s Installation requirements. The most common problem we face is a wrong roof measurement or missed required building code items. This unintentional mistake will need to be addressed.

Sharing the information on the insurance statement with our estimators ensures that you are getting a fair offer from the insurance company and that they are allowing you money to cover everything that needs to be done per the construction trades requirements and local building codes. Remember, if your adjuster is inexperienced, they may miss something on the statement, making your settlement lower than it should be. If this is the case, you will need to produce a certified contractor’s estimate for their review.

If our estimators have given you a price that is close to the insurance estimate, there is no reason not to sign the proposal, pick a shingle color, and get on our job list.

For more information about a new roof, roofing repair and installation call us at (913) 850-6556 or email us at Shamrock Roofing and Construction.