Benefits of Using Drones for Roof Inspections In Kansas City

For years, roof inspections from roofing companies in Kansas City involved a contractor climbing a ladder and walking on top of the roof. This traditional way of inspecting is fairly risky, from faulty roofs to ladder safety, many malfunctions and falls can happen, which is why there are many benefits for KC roofing contractors in Kansas City to use drones for roof inspections.  


  1. Safety 

Like we just mentioned, the traditional way of inspecting roofs poses many risks to roofing contractors in Kansas City. For example, falling from ladders is the number one cause of death among construction sites. Complex designs and defective best roofs are two other things that put a roofer at risk for injuries. By using a drone, there is no need to use a ladder –  eliminating the chance of falling and putting one in harm’s way. 


  1. Fast and Efficient

Roof inspections require quite a bit of time and preparation with everything from mounting equipment and walking across an entire roof. In addition to visually inspecting it, a report also needs to be produced. However, with a drone, the best roofer in Kansas City can conduct an inspection very quickly, and data can be transmitted into a report within minutes, saving the roofing customer money.  


  1. In-depth Data

Drones have the ability to reach spots that a roofer may not be able to and can capture in-depth data that may be impossible to gather with a traditional inspection. Additionally, drones can capture thermal images and identify issues that may not be seen unless by removing the roof.  


  1. More Value to Customers

Investing in a drone will provide a sense of trust among the best roofing companies in KC and customers. Drones will show that the company is very advanced and up to date with technology. It will also allow customers not to fear about contractors falling or damaging their roof during the inspection process. Receiving data immediately will deliver transparency and trust to customers, knowing they won’t be cheated out on. 


Drones are an extremely wise investment for residential and commercial roofing in Kansas City, MO. They are a much safer alternative for a premier roofing company in Kansas City completing an inspection, are fast and efficient, provide in-depth, on the spot data, and offer value to customers.