Four Ways to Save Money on a New Roof in Lee’s Summit

Getting a new roof isn’t necessarily the cheapest home project, but it has to be done. To help you not break the bank, here are four ways to save money on a new roof in Lee’s Summit.

Four Ways to Save Money on a New Roof in Lee’s Summit

  1. Research Roofing Companies in Lee’s Summit

The first step in getting a new roof is by doing your research on the your roofing companies in Lee’s Summit. Confirm they are a qualified company that is licensed and insured. Other things to look for include certifications, references, and warranties. Re-roofing is a task that requires trained professionals. At Shamrock, we have years of experience under our belt and will make sure your new roof is properly installed.

  1. Be Wary of Low Bids

As we’ve mentioned before, roofing is a relatively expensive home project. When receiving quotes from a premier roofing company in Lee’s Summit, it is encouraged you do your research and always be wary of super low bids and anything that seems almost too good to be true.

  1. Insurance

A significant way you can save money on a new roof is with your homeowner’s insurance. It will cover a decent amount of your expenses if your roof has damage that can be attributed to anything listed under the HO-2 and HO-3 policy. For example, if your roof was damaged by forces of nature – wind, hail, falling debris – you can file a claim. However, an insurance company will not cover damage that is due to neglect. This is why it’s crucial to receive annual roof inspections by roofing contractors in Lee’s Summit!

  1. Roof During Off-Season

It’s not uncommon for many roofing companies in Lee’s Summit to offer lower bids during off-season periods. If you don’t need emergency roof repair in Lee’s Summit right away and money is tight, waiting until the off-season to reroof can potentially save you a few hundred dollars.