New Roof in Lee’s Summit

Getting a roof is an exciting thing and brings a tremendous piece of mind with it. There are many reasons for needing a new roof in Lee’s Summit, and below are just a few of those reasons.

Reasons For Needing a New Roof in Lee’s Summit

New Roof Lee’s Summit

Roofs are designed to last for many years, but not forever. The first and one of the most common reasons why someone would call the best roofer in Lee’s Summit for a new roof is that it’s old. If your roof is relatively outdated but are unsure of its status, call a premier roofing company in Lee’s Summit to schedule a free roof inspection.

Severe Water Damage

A storm can cause severe water damage to a roof, and even more damage if emergency roof repair in Lee’s Summit isn’t conducted fast enough. A storm can tear off shingles that are old or brittle, cause hail damage, or even cause large tree limbs to fall and damage the roof structure. All of these checklist instances make your roof susceptible to water leakage and possibly a completely new roof.

Selling Your Home

Placing your home on the market soon? Getting a roof will undoubtedly increase your home’s real estate value and curb appeal. Potential home buyers appreciate homes with a roof that will offer them protection for years to come.

Home Remodeling

Whether you just bought a fixer-upper or are going to renovate your current home, installing a new roof should be at the top of your to-do list. This is especially true if you intend to add dormers or expand your house.

Shingle Damage

Lastly, a common reason for needing a roof is shingle damage. Damage to shingles can occur from a severe storm or even just being outdated. Telltale signs of damage include cracking, curling, loose granules, missing shingles, algae, mold, and hail spots.

You have many roofing contractors in Lee’s Summit to choose from when it comes to installing a roof, so choose wisely. Here at Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we are known for premier missouri roofing company in Lee’s Summit as well as free roof inspections. Give us a call today!

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