Best Tips for Roof Maintenance


Roof repair in Plano, TX, is not the most glamorous topic, but it may show up in the conversation for homeowners who don’t have a solid roof maintenance strategy. With spring in full force and the brutal heat of a Texas summer in close range, you can’t afford to skip out on caring for your home’s most protective feature. 

To ensure you’re not caught in an emergency searching for “roof repair near me,” Plano roofers Shamrock Roofing and Construction recommend these tips and tricks for a successful roof maintenance routine. 

Inspect and Repair Noticeable Damage ASAP

A quality roof maintenance plan includes regularly-scheduled roof inspections and the ongoing repair of noticeable damage. Many local roofers — like Shamrock Roofing — offer a free roof inspection that provides a detailed picture of the current condition of your roof. If, during the inspection, you spot any significant defects like pooling water, broken or missing shingles, or damaged flashing, you can get the problem repaired before it gets out of hand — and more expensive! Roof issues can be managed much easier when they’re caught early, so make sure you have regular roof inspections on the calendar.

Clean Up the Perimeter

Believe it or not, keeping your trees trimmed and tidy directly impacts your roof’s health. All it takes is one windy day to send loose branches flying. When these objects hit the roof, they can do a lot of damage, denting or breaking shingles or knocking protective granules off them. Unless you enjoy calling for roof repair in Plano, TX, keep the trees trimmed back at least six feet from the roof.

Remove Mold and Algae

The wet, rainy spring season creates a roof surface that’s ripe for the growth of moss and algae. These organisms may seem harmless, but they can be a recipe for disaster if left unchecked. Mold, especially, is a concern because it can creep into the house. Since many people are allergic to mold spores, this can cause health concerns for you and your family.

Mold and mildew can also build up under your shingles, lifting them and allowing water to filter in underneath. This leads to premature roof decay. Luckily, Shamrock’s team of Plano roofers can remove mold and mildew before they cause problems with a simple, worry-free cleaning treatment. 

Maintain Proper Ventilation

The Texas heat and humidity can easily damage your roof if your attic ventilation isn’t adequate. Without enough vents, your roof traps heat, creating room for moisture to accumulate and ultimately ruin your home’s insulation. Excess heat is hard on your utility costs, too. Luckily, our team of qualified roofers can assess your home’s ventilation needs and offer reasonable solutions to fill any gaps. 

Give Your Gutters Some TLC

Properly installed gutters are one of the best ways to divert water from your rooftop. However, they have to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Gutters that are allowed to fill with dirt and debris won’t be able to channel water off the roof and away from the foundation. Make sure you clean your gutters regularly, or you’ll find yourself searching for “roof repair near me.”

Need Help With a Roof Maintenance Plan? Call Shamrock Roofing!

If all of this seems overwhelming, don’t stress! Shamrock Roofing and Construction can help you develop the perfect maintenance plan for your home. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection or to visit with one of our Plano roofers. We’ll help you keep your roof in the best shape possible!