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Building a New Home? Check Out These Roof Tips First

Building a home is a huge commitment. There are so many decisions to make on all aspects of the house, including the flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures. With so much focus on the interior of the house, some of the exterior decisions (like what type of material to use on the roof) often get put on the back burner. This means the decision-making process gets rushed or ignored altogether, leaving the choice of roofing materials in the hands of the builder or general contractor. This may not be in your best interest.

This is a mistake you can’t afford to make. The roof of any home serves as a utility player offering protection, upgrading curb appeal, and increasing resale value in the future. That’s why the best roofing contractors in Little Rock, AR, recommend spending some time researching this important decision. 

If you’re building a new home, take these things into consideration as you analyze the options.

Local Climate

Climate plays a significant role in the type of roofing product you select. In Little Rock, heat and humidity are inevitable factors that must be considered when making a roofing decision. Asphalt shingles are popular and come in various color schemes, so you can select a lighter color (like gray or beige) to aid in thwarting the heat. Alternatively, clay tiles are naturally curved, allowing cool air to circulate underneath and providing the ultimate relief from hot Arkansas temperatures. Either option works well in the area. 

Cost Per Square Foot

Of course, cost is always a consideration when it comes to building a new home. Costs for roofing in Little Rock, AR, and elsewhere in the region are usually determined by the square footage of your roof. Knowing this number and then applying it to the cost of each roofing material you assess will get you close to the total project cost. Of course, the roofer you select will also affect the price, as labor expenses vary from company to company. In general, materials like slate or clay are on the higher end, while asphalt and metal offer reasonable alternatives.

Aesthetic Rules

You’ll also want to consider the overall style of your home, including the color palate and architectural scheme. Are you going for brilliant and bold? Tranquil and calm? Rugged and rogue? Is your home a cute cottage? Modern mansion? Or classic colonial? Roofing materials are designed to complement different styles, so you’ll want to visit with your chosen team of roofing contractors in Little Rock before pulling the trigger on any product decisions. They can help you mix and match colors, textures, and styles to best suit the overall appearance of your home.

City or Neighborhood Code

Unfortunately, rules and regulations aren’t just for the road. They apply to roofing in Little Rock, AR, too. Before you begin your home-building journey, it’s best to check with your roofer regarding city codes. If you’re building in a development with a homeowner’s association, you’ll also want to double-check the rules or risk being slapped with a fine after all your hard work! A local roofer should be familiar with the rules and restrictions of your neighborhood and can help you build a house that blends well and meets all the requirements.

Suffering from Decision Fatigue? Let Shamrock Roofing Help

Building a new home requires lots of decision-making. It can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially if you aren’t familiar with all the options available these days. If you’re building a new home, let us help with one of the most important decisions — your roof! Contact us today to discuss your vision. We can’t wait to watch it come to life!