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Commercial Skylights: Pros and Cons

commercial skylight

Skylights are trending as a rooftop accessory for both businesses and the residential sector. They’re especially popular on buildings with flat-surface TPO roofing.  A skylight installation adds a healthy dose of natural light to your building’s office space while also reducing energy costs and magnifying curb appeal. 

However, flat roof skylights can also be the source of significant roof leaks if not installed correctly. Whether you need help with a first-time installation or your existing skylight is in need of repair, the help of a commercial roofer in Kansas City can make a world of difference in the quality of workmanship and weather resistance of your skylight. Your roofer will likely want to complete a commercial roof evaluation before digging into the project.

Here are some things you should know about commercial skylights in the meantime. 

Types of Commercial Skylights

There are a variety of commercial skylights on the market, and the type of skylight you select will often depend on your roofing material (TPO vs. EPDM). Dome-shaped skylights are particularly effective when installed with a single-ply roofing structure such as TPO roofing. Panel skylights are an alternative option used most often with r-panel metal roofing. There are also a variety of custom-built selections on the market. During your commercial roof inspection, your roofer will offer insight into which skylight option is best for your building. 

Advantages of a Commercial Skylight

Commercial skylights offer myriad advantages for the savvy building owner. For one, skylights provide a significant amount of natural light throughout the space. This can be pleasing to tenants and a selling feature for prospective clients. Several studies have shown that the presence of natural daylight contributes to better moods and more productivity in the workplace. Additionally, the look and feel of a skylight exude modernity and class, upping your building’s aesthetic appeal. 

Lastly, it’s hard to ignore the cost savings that come with a skylight installation. While your commercial roofer in Kansas City won’t deny that there are up-front costs, the influx of natural light means your building is less reliant on electricity for lighting, which may help reduce your utility bills. 

The Downside

The one downside to a commercial skylight installation is that skylights can be vulnerable to damage. Depending on the style and brand, skylight material can be fragile. If you discover a leak in your space, it’s likely that your skylight is the culprit. One of the best ways to avoid problems with a commercial skylight is to have it installed by roofing professionals who have experience in this area. Scheduling a regular commercial roof inspection can also help you avoid costly repairs or damage by catching possible issues early.

Ready to Install a Commercial Skylight?

If you’re considering a skylight for your building, the first step is calling a qualified commercial roofer in Kansas City. The team of professionals at Shamrock Roofing and Construction has served the Kansas City business community for years. TPO vs. EPDM – it doesn’t matter to us. Whatever type of commercial roof you have, we can help. We’re here for all your roofing needs. Contact us today!