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“Cool” Roofs Do More than You Think

For many years, roofing professionals have understood the benefits of using reflective roofing materials and coatings in hot climates. In areas like Florida and Arizona, the energy-saving benefits of a “cool” roof are hard to ignore. In fact, both The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the International Energy Conservation Code include reflective roof requirements and have for years. While many roofing repair companies agree with this direction, one area they may not agree on is the need for reflective roofs in more moderate climates like Kansas City. However, the benefits of cool roofs go deeper than just the surface.

A Deeper Dive

Roofing specialists are now starting to examine the broader benefits of using reflective roofs in all climates and are finding some interesting data. It turns out that installing cool roofs throughout a city makes it an overall cooler place to live. And we’re not talking about being hip here. Notre Dame University did a study of Chicago and found that installing reflective roofs cooled city surfaces by 3.5° to 5.5°F, but surfaces in the downtown core cooled by 12.5° to 14.5°F. 

Here are some of the other benefits that may be realized by using cool roofs.

A healthier population. Extreme heat puts additional pressure on our bodies, especially on those who already suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or diseases of the heart, lungs, or kidneys. Even a degree or two increase in temperature can have devastating impacts. Installing reflective roofs on buildings throughout the city lowers temperatures inside for those who live and work there. And that contributes to an overall healthier population.

Increased economic growth. In a study of 1,700 cities published in the journal Nature Climate Change, it was found that changing only 20% of a city’s roofs and half of its pavement to cool options could save money – up to 12 times the cost of installation and maintenance and could reduce air temperature by about 1.5°F. For the average city, this would generate over $1 billion in net economic benefits due to cost savings. 

Cooler cities are better for the planet. It’s a proven fact that cooler cities have lower energy needs on hot days than cities without a focus on reflective roofs. On average, a city demands 21% more electricity on days where the temperature is 90° than on days when the temperature stays at 80° or below. When the high hits 95°, energy usage spikes again. This is bad news for both homeowners and businesses as they struggle to keep up with skyrocketing electric bills during the hot summer months. The use of cool roofs helps lower energy bills and reduce the need for electricity from large power plants that contribute to reduced air quality.

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If you’ve been considering “cool” roof options for your home or business, contact your hometown roof specialist, Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Shamrock is one of the leading roofing repair companies in the city. We can talk to you about reflective roof options that might be appropriate for your Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Prarie Village, or Omaha commercial or residential roofing system. We’ve been in the roofing business for over 55 years, and we know Kansas City weather. We’ll help you make a difference for your family, for Kansas City, and for the world with a cool roof for your home or business!