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Did Your Roof Hold Up to the Rain?

Here in Overland Park, Kansas, we were deluged with thunderstorms and buckets of rain earlier this year. For homeowners with older roofs – like those on some Overland Park homes –  this can be a concern. So we want to know…

How is your roof holding up?

If your roof has issues, you may know it by now. Overland Park was hit hard with torrential downpours this spring and summer. If you’ve noticed water spots on the ceiling or find that your light fixtures fill with water every time it rains, your Overland Park roof needs repair. But there could also be signs of roof damage that aren’t as obvious. Cracked or curling shingles, bubbled paint on your siding, wood rot, and sunlight coming in through the attic are sure signs that your roof needs to be checked out. If you notice any of these signs, and do not know how to choose a roofer then call an Overland Park roofing company like Shamrock Roofing and Construction immediately to get your roof inspected before winter snows hit. 

Your roof has a big job to do.

Your roof’s main purpose is to keep water and other elements like hail and snow out of your home. This not only protects your family and your possessions; it also extends the life of your home by creating a moisture barrier that keeps the place dry. Moisture that creeps in from a roof that needs repair can lead to many other issues like mold, mildew, and wood rot, in the ceiling, walls, windows, or siding. Flashing and gutters are important, too, because they work with your roof to keep water out and channel it away from your home.

If you suspect you have roof damage, get your roof inspected right away.

A high-quality roof that’s installed by an expert Overland Park roofing company should last close to 25 years, keeping your home protected from all kinds of crazy weather variations that you don’t want to risk doing yourself. At Shamrock Roofing, we’re the experts in Overland Park roof repair. We offer free roof inspections to help you determine what kind of repair needs you have. Call our office to make an appointment for one of our roofing experts to come out and take a look. We’ll give you a full report on any damage found and advise you on what needs to be done to fix it.

Don’t wait until the snow hits. Call the expert Overland Park roofing company, Shamrock Roofing, for your roof inspection today!