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Different Types Of Roofing Materials

Based on the diverse culture around the world the roofing materials are complex and varied. In this article we are going to explain the most popular roofing materials which are easily available. Different roofing styles have arisen depending on the region you live. Different roofing methods are emerged based on the varied climatic conditions like constant rain, warm sunshine, etc., Those different rooftop designs safeguard the home from local weather elements.

Tiles make up a considerable percentage of the roofing part. Tiles are incredibly popular and very efficient as they are resistant to heat and fire by reducing your refrigerating bills and keeps your interiors cooler. The only issue in this is, they may get damaged by hurricanes and strong winds.

Shingles are another kind of material used for roofing. Different types of shingles can be found which are made of fiberglass.  Due to their affordability and looks, Instead of the traditional asphalt shingles these shingles are used. These are pretty good at radiating sunshine and add lots of shine to your dwelling’s general look and feel.

Solar roofing is a new idea which has arisen directly from the awareness to conserve fuel and many other non-renewable energy sources and to boost dependence on renewable energy. Based on the availability of abundant sunshine these types of roofing are commonly used in those regions.  Solar roofs arrive as small solar shingles that are exactly equipped like any other shingles, but the only difference is that they generate electricity from sunlight.

Because of their great tensile strength and the fact that they are fire-retardant and powerful enough to last for several years, metal roofing is mostly used in industrial establishments. Because of its great requirement, metal roofing has come to be offered in many colors. You can even use roofing made of metal in your house.

Slate roofing is a common roofing solution due to its excellent durability and reliability which is in great demand. These are certainly very costly as an initial investment, but these cover more than their worth because of their longevity.

What are the materials available for roofing?

Every type of material has its pros and cons and needs to be taken carefully before you choose one.

Wood shingles

Those are mainly long-lasting, and are great if you want a rustic, traditional look to your home. They tend to be made of cedar. Wood shingles, however, take a lot of maintenance, which will become costly for the homeowner.

Asphalt shingles

These are the most popular type found in North America. These type of roofing are generally made from the mineral granules and the materials which are saturated from asphalt. Asphalt shingles have a wide range of styles and  colors, and you can repair them on your own basics.

Slate shingles

These are produced from slate blocks that are then broken down into shingles for individuals. If the slate is properly installed and maintained reasonably, the construction becomes almost indestructible. But because of its weight and cost this substance is being installed on new construction.

Built-up roofs

These are only built on flat or almost flat roofs. The roofing felt is rendered in layers, and the surface is filled with hot tar. To ensure safety the final coating is coated with gravel. Most industrial complexes make use of this type of cover for their buildings.

Clay tile: These are basically durable,  insect-resistant. and fire-resistant. We simply look good with some kind of structure, however, which means you want to test the arrangement first before deployment.

Roll roofing

This kind of roofing is easy to install, it’s cheap but has a very short life span. It is only useful for the flat roofs. It must be applied from the homeowner as a temporary solution, until he moves in for more sturdy material.

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