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Importance Of Roof Overhang And Its Function

Have you ever thought about better roof insulation for your home? That offers quite a few advantages. Certainly with the ever-increasing gas and electricity prices. Consider good insulation for your flat and built-up roofs, your floor and your walls. One of the commonly used insulation materials today is PIR insulation boards . We are happy to tell you a little more about it.

What Is PIR?

You may know PUR , the foam with which you can seal cracks in your house. PIR is a similar stuff, but in the form of plates. These insulation boards are often used in home construction as wall, cavity wall and floor insulation. But you can also insulate, and in some cases, repair your Omaha flat roof with it. The plates are easy to process. They are light in weight and can be cut easily. The plates do not absorb moisture and their insulation value is very high. In terms of fire, PIR insulation boards are more fire-resistant than the PUR foam because only few harmful gases are released when heated.

How Is The PIR Insulation Boards Used And What Are Its Uses?

PIR plates usually have a damp-proof layer on both sides. You can then use the plates on both sides and you do not have to install a vapor barrier. You must seal the seams between the plates well with tape. There are also PIR plates that form a combination with other insulation material such as glass wool. The plates are then provided with a thin layer of mineral wool on one side. This is specially fitted to eliminate unevenness in the wall surface. Because these plates have a somewhat rougher finish, you can use these combination plates very well in cavity walls. The PIR plates exist in different thicknesses. Even with small plate thicknesses they perfectly meet the requirements.

Application Of PIR Insulation Boards For The Roof:

If you are considering PIR boards as insulation for your roof, special boards are available for this purpose. These are coated on both sides. You can install these sheets under your EPDM or PVC roof. The PIR roof plates only have the disadvantage that they insulate slightly less well than the variant with an aluminum top layer. PIR roof sheets have a dense and pressure-resistant structure. This means that your roof remains walkable even after your insulation.

PIR insulation boards have various advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. We have listed here the PIR insulation boards advantages for you:

The benefits of PIR insulation boards are:

  • The insulation value is very high, even with thin plates
  • The material does not absorb moisture and can therefore be used in damp conditions
  • The material is light in weight and easy to process
  • The plates have their own vapor barrier (no additional vapor barrier needs to be installed)
  • The plates have good fire-retardant properties