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Welcome to our new Shamrock Roofing and Construction blog. This is Erick Juarez, General Manager. I am writing this first blog post, but my associates will be part of the team writing future blog postings as well. As a premium Johnson County roofing contractor, we feel it is not only our job to provide new roofs and roof repair in Johnson County, but to also educate our customers about all things roofing! With this our first blog, I want you to know that, whether you’re a past, present or future customer of Shamrock Roofing, we think of you first and foremost as our friends. We don’t think of ourselves as only being in the “roofing business” – but instead we are in the “need satisfaction” business. That is what we do for our friends – we help them meet their needs. Our company is built on our reputation for customer service, outstanding standards of excellence, and attention to every last detail. We hope you find this blog an extension of those same core values – as well as a tool to help you maintain the life of your roof and home. avast vpn license key 2018

“…we think of you first and foremost as our friends.”

AUTUMN is here

I’d like to focus on some helpful tips now that fall has arrived. The heat of the summer is finally behind us, but it’s very possible that your roof could have dried out caulking, buckled shingles, or leaking roof penetrations. The wind brought by summer storms may have lifted or moved shingles or blown debris onto your roof. The seams on flat roofs may be failing and drains may be clogged. With fall here, and winter approaching, we have come to expect cold weather, high winds, and blowing leaves and debris, all of which expose your roof to additional harm. As your roof continues to be exposed to Mother Nature, the integrity of your roof can be degraded resulting in damage that can go undetected for months – until the problems are serious. It is good to remember that your roof is protecting one of your most valuable assets – your home or commercial building, not to mention, your loved ones or livelihood.

Tips to avoid future Emergency roof repair

We’ve been all taught that preventive maintenance on our vehicles is the key to saving money in the long-term and prolonging their functional lives. This is also the case for our roofs – which protect an asset far more valuable than our cars or trucks do. I encourage you to have your roof inspected by your premium Johnson County roofing contractor at least every two years – more often if your roof is subject to frequent accumulation of leaves or other debris that can clog drains and impede water drainage. You may be able to get up on your roof and perform the kind of inspection needed to ensure it’s functioning at an ideal level. Most of our customers, however, may feel more comfortable having a professional do it. That’s where we come in! If you would like help from Shamrock Roofing and Construction, please call us anytime at (913) 850-6556 to schedule a free roof inspection.

We are so excited about the amount and quality of education we will be able to disseminate with our new blog! Please always feel free to leave questions or comments below!

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