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Is Your Roof Prepared for Winter Weather? Check List Provided by your local Johnson County Roofing Company

Hail, snow, and rain can create severe weather conditions in a cold Fall and Winter. Before any winter storm hits, it’s essential to prepare your roof for any possible winter weather damage. If you do need roof repair in Johnson County, you know who to call. Below is some simple maintenance checklist.


#1 Look For Water Spots

How can you check for leaks? The easiest way is to find water spots on your ceiling and walls. Look for the most common leak prone places such as where you have missing shingles.
If you have water spots on your ceiling mean you need a Premium Johnson County Roofing Contractor to fix your roof.

#2 Look At Your Flashing

Flashing is a common problem for leaks, so you need to jump on a ladder and scrutinize it to see if there is any damage or if it has come loose. If you don’t want to climb that ladder, we know a residential roofing contractor in Johnson County that would love to help you out.

part of a new roof in Johnson County explained

#3 Check Your Vents

Vents can get loose, and when this happens, they are a prime spot for water to enter the house. So check out the venting and make sure they are on tight and there aren’t any gaps around the outside of the cover. If you do find any issues call your premium Johnson County roofing contractor for any help.

#4: Fix The Leaks Before Winter

The smallest of leaks can lead to significant problems. If you find mold and rotted insulation, then you know you likely have a problem. If you are handy you may be able to replace a shingle yourself, but why put yourself in danger when you can call the best roofers in Johnson County to fix it for you.

#5 Clean Your Gutters

A clogged gutter or downspouts can be disasters waiting to happen. Also, make sure the water coming from the house is at least three feet away from your foundation.

Please don’t be this guy! If you don’t have a ladder tall enough give us a call!
man on ladder almost falling needs a roof repair in Johnson County

#6 Schedule Your Johnson County Roofing Company To Take A look

Having an expert to look at your roof will allow you the peace of mind that everything is well going into winter. If you do need a new roof in Johnson County, we are here. If you just need a roof repair in Johnson County we are here.

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