Roof Tips From A Johnson County Roofing Company

There are many critical areas in your home, but your home’s roof and foundation are two of the most important. A good roof will help keep water away from your foundation. If you need help, we are the best roofers in Johnson County.

Here Are Some Tips From A Residential Roofing Contractor in Johnson County

Tip 1: Use New Shingles To Repair Leaks

Notice a leak in your shingle roof? The first thing you will want to do is see if you can find the hole in your attic space if you have one. Use a needle to poke through the top of the roof once you find the leak. This way you can see it once you are on the roof. Once identified you would want to use a new shingle and place it under the top shingle. To get the best look you will want to make sure you keep the pattern.

Sound like a lot of work? Call Shamrock Roofing for your roof repair in Johnson County. Still not convinced? Finding the correct shingle that matches your existing shingles, then securing it, and ensuring you use the correct professional-grade materials to prevent future leaks can be difficult unless you have roofing equipment on hand. We see homeowners use nail replacement shingles, which often ends up creating new and more significant leaks. malwarebytes 3.0.6 crack
bad shingle installation that needs a roof repair in Johnson County

Tip 2: Secure Metal Flashings With Roof Cement

If you think gaps in your flashing is causing the leak, you can fix it by spreading a little roof cement over the gaps. You will also want to check the cap.
parts of a new roof in Johnson County

Tip 3: Foliage And Debris In Gutters Need To be Cleaned Regularly

Mark on your calendar to remind you to routinely clean gutters and ice dams. This is a task a lot of homeowners do themselves, and as long as you’re careful, you don’t need us. You will want to Clean your gutters with a plastic scoop and wear sturdy work gloves to protect your hands from sharp pieces of wood. Make sure you have a ladder that is tall enough to allow you to reach and see what you are doing.
Gutters being cleaned from a new roof in Johnson County

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You want the best residential roofing contractors in Johnson County. No job is too tough for us. We specialize in emergency roof repairs in Johnson County and have extensive experience working with all types of insurance claims.

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