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Four Common Myths About Roofing

Because getting a new roof is not a regular occurrence for the majority of homeowners, most people aren’t knowledgeable on the subject. Many myths about roofing have developed and circled throughout the years, making people feel very uneasy when it comes time to call roofing contractors in Overland Park for roof replacement and unaware about the condition of the roof over their heads. As a premier roofing company in Johnson County, we want to ensure that you’re completely informed by discussing four common myths about roofing. 


“If I don’t see any damage or leaks then my roof must be okay. 

This may be the most common myth we hear among homeowners. Often times, damage of any sort isn’t always visible to the eye. Just because your roof may not be leaking after a storm doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in good condition either. For example, it may take months after hail damage to show signs of a leaky roof, thus forcing you to call for emergency roof repair in Overland Park. 


“Covering up shingles is fine. 

More shingles on a roof must mean more protection, right? Wrong. A lot of homeowners believe that shingling over their current roof is just as good as if they were to rip it off and then shingle it. However, a leak, rot, or mold doesn’t impact just the shingles. Most of the time it also affects the sheathing underneath. By just covering the current shingles with new ones doesn’t fix the deeper problem. 


“I can repair my roof myself. 

While it is possible to repair your roof yourself, even if you don’t have experience in premier roofing in Overland Park, it is very risky. It’s often the case for many homeowners to repair their roof themselves to save money, but they run the possibility of not fixing it entirely and putting themselves in harm’s way. This often is realized when dealing with the flashing or roof vents. If you need roof repair, call roofing companies in Johnson County to do it for you.  


“All roofing companies are scammers.” 

One of the most frustrating myths we hear among homeowners is the little trust they have with roofing companies in Overland Park. Every year many homeowners are scammed in their roofing projects; however, with Shamrock Roofing and Construction, we are highly regarded and rank among the your roofing companies in Overland Park and Johnson County. You can rest easy putting your roof in our hands and be sure you’ll receive a high-quality roof.